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Tips for an Elope Honeymoon in Virginia or Romantic Virginia Vacation


Many couples elope in Virginia so when you’re pondering your elopement plans don’t automatically write off Virginia. After all, you can do far worse that romantically steal away to a state with the motto: "Virginia is for lovers.” Located in the middle of the East Coast of the United States, a romantic Virginia vacation is very accessible and offers a lot of inexpensive options for not only your wedding but also your honeymoon in Virginia .

For couples who are also history buffs, Virginia gives you ready access to some of the richest moments in US history. You’ll have enough historical parks, monuments and museums to keep you busy for day (hey, remember to work in your vows somewhere along the way). Better still all of these attractions are close to accommodations, food, and entertainment venues.

Fall elope in Virginia

If you’re thinking of eloping in Fall, consider the Shenandoah Valley region. When the leaves begin to turn and swirl at your feet, it feels like a magical landscape. The backdrop alone will make folks back home green with envy when you show them the pictures (you are going to share pictures, right?).

Winter elope in Virginia

Alternatively travel in winter and enjoy skiing into your life together (now that might be fun, an elopement on skis!). Afterward, go find a tall glass of champagne in front of a roaring fire.

Spring and summer elope in Virginia

Couples who are also beach lovers could plan their elopement for late spring or summer and head to Chesapeake Bay . The weather will be lovely, the beaches warm, fishing is great and the people are very welcoming, and you can rent a little cottage where you can forget about the world for a while. From this location you can also go on wine trail tours. Remember to bring plenty home to share when you spring the news to your family.

Elope in Virginia Beach

There’s always something buzzing at Virginia Beach. Set up tiki torches and tie the knot as the setting sun colors the horizon every hue imaginable. Then enjoy a long walk on the beach playing catch with the waves. If the moon’s overhead, you couldn’t get much more picturesque. Note that Virginia Beach offers a quieter side too . After you’re elopement you can rest a bit and kick your shoes off at the Barclay House, a charming Victorian home that offers beach wedding packages.

Blue Ridge Mountains romantic Virginia vacation

For elopers who might like to say their vows in a gazebo, look to the Blue Ridge Mountains. There’s several places that offer elopement/wedding settings like that, and a little bluegrass music for good measure. Say, “I do” then dance the night away.

Luxury Elope and romantic Virginia vacation

Last but not least, for a couple who wants privacy and luxury there’s Clifton Inn. This rambling estate has flower gardens and a water-garden, both of which make great scenery for your elopement. Or, you could move indoors to the “parlor” or sun porch, both of which will make you yearn for a Mint Julep. The plantation has Justices of the Peace that you can book, but it’s suggested that you plan ahead. Elope packages book up very quickly.

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