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When we were planning to get married last year - we decided to elope in las vegas. We knew we wanted a small ceremony in a romantic destination - something untraditional and unique... Vegas was just the place.

We did a lot of research looking for creative wedding ideas — alternatives to a traditional church wedding and a dinner reception at a hall.


Here we would like to share our findings on the places to elope in las vegas - Chapel weddings, Hotel Weddings, Valley of Fire, Pamrump Valley Vineyards, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, Mt. Charleston, Grand Canyon wedding.

You can choose anything between a Grand Canyon helicopter wedding and a more traditional, feet on the ground ceremony.


Vegas is the perfect romantic place to elope — we enjoyed our wedding day instead of having a ton of stress about doing things to please others.

Our destination wedding Las Vegas was about the two of us and not about the third party guest lists, bridesmaids or buffet guests. It was about committing our lives to each other in front of the few people who meant the most to us.

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To elope in Las Vegas is a great idea because Vegas offers up a variety of wedding packages there are as many ways to personalize your wedding day as there are ways to get married ranging from the elaborate festivities all the way down to budget ceremonies.

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The State of Nevada has very user friendly administration and marriage laws, which makes it one of the easiest places in the world to obtain a marriage license and to get married. There are no blood tests required and no waiting period. All it takes is a quick trip to the courthouse for the wedding license ($55).

You have a wide range of alternatives to a traditional church wedding and a dinner reception at a hall. Modern weddings are not governed by the kind of social sanctions of the past -- your wedding is your wedding, and you can do it however you like.

Las Vegas Wedding Packages For those on a budget.

The real savings comes from doing the legwork yourself. Investigate youroptions and put your own itinerary together. Stay at a hotel with a servicechapel that offers an “all-in-one” package. What really counts is that youhave arrangements in place prior to arriving. Last minute changes, additionsand cancellations often bring the price to the point where other aspectswill have to be cut back. Deposits are often non-refundable, but if you bookwell in advance, you might be able to back out in the event you need tocancel without suffering a real financial melt down. Always considerlocations carefully -- traffic in Las Vegas is infamous. There are timeswhen walking may be more work, but is faster than driving. Make sure guesttransport arrangements (not to mention your own) have been confirmed.

When using a full service venue, such as one offered by the larger resorts,you have a larger outlay of money, but you also far more services andoptions. Well-known resorts require a premium. That means when your heart isset on a spot, book early. Your wedding party members appreciate the abilityto plan, and you likewise can make sure all those “t's” get crossed and “Is”get dotted.

Some of the Las Vegas Wedding Packages offers can be fairly involved, withtransportation to one of the scenic state parks where a natural photographicbackdrop highlights the event, then a catered reception afterward. Or whatabout booking theme wedding packages? For every taste, from outrageous tostorybook, you’ll find packages to match both your outlook and wallet. There is no reason to see Vegas as just a gamble.

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