Elope in Florida

Alright, so you are considering to elope in Florida and you are wondering why you should consider Florida to elope. If you want what everyone else has had, fine. If you want something spectacular, head to Florida. After all, you are defying convention by eloping. Why not have a destination wedding that you'll remember for the rest of your life? Florida beach weddings are especially popular among couples.

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Northern Elope in Florida

Northern Florida is traditional old south and has the Gulf Coast along the panhandle. The number of tourists here are less and there are a lot of the world's finest white sand beaches to loose the day with each other. There are also an amazing number of small towns to explore with road side restaurants that you will never see listed in a review, but will never forget once you sample real southern home cooking.

Elope South Florida

The majority of people who head to Florida head to the larger tourist places along the southeastern coast. Orlando, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami are all within reach of each other if you are willing to take a few hour drive.

The last three have world famous beaches and nightlife that you cannot help but join in with. The energy and excitement of these places will set you off with a real explosion and afterward you watch the sun rise over the Atlantic and wonder why you didn't come here before your elope in Florida.

Where to Elope in Orlando

Orlando has the world's largest collection of theme parks and is where the whole idea of an all-inclusive resort really started in the US. Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are each within easy drive of off site hotels and motels, so you can save more money to spend on each other. Each park has daily admission and all you have to do is decide what kind of mood you are in. Universal Studios is aimed at the thrill ride seeker, with rides for every level of excitement. From “I'm afraid to open my eyes on an escalator” to “is that the best you've got”, there is a ride for the two of you.

There are also world class restaurants with two featuring the name “Emeril Lagasse”. It is not an exaggeration when we say that a couple that is looking for a memorable elope in Florida should not pass up a dinner for two under either roof. And for some of the most fun you can have, arrange ahead for tickets to the Blue Man Group. This should not be missed. If you sit near the front, don't wear anything you don't want covered in gelatin. You have been warned.

Elope in Florida: Disney World destination wedding Florida

A new couple is not going to feel out of place in Disney World. In fact, the folks at Disney have catering services, special offers for honeymooning couples (Disney World honeymoon) and as always will make you feel like you have stepped back in time to a point where you believed in magic. The staff is referred to as “cast members” and they all strive to set the standard for visitor service to the highest levels.

For adults there is the Boardwalk and Epcot. The Boardwalk has almost every type of nightclub and shopping you could want. The place is like a huge open entertainment center for grown ups. Jazz to Rock to Rap, there is music all over. Step up and dance, or have a cold drink and enjoy the scene. It's all good here. And Epcot is where you go for a view of the world in a condensed form. Around the man made lake is a walk around series of pavilions featuring the food, arts and culture of over a dozen countries around the planet. The Chinese acrobats that perform and the nightly fireworks are amazing, as is the daily parade.

The idea that you have to be a kid to enjoy Disney World is far from the truth. You just need to want to enjoy being one while you are here.

Elope in Florida. It might make some of your family and friends raise an eyebrow, but we think they are secretly jealous because you had the idea to elope in Florida first.

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