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Romantic Elope in California, the third largest state in the United States. This puts it at a size larger than many countries around the world. With all this space, people who choose a California wedding destination will find a climate to suite any taste -- from snowy winters in the mountains, to desert in the southeastern part of the state and near tropical along its famous beaches in the southwest. This is a land unto itself with enough places to explore to fill a lifetime.

Romantic Places in Elope in California

Places to Elope in San Francisco for a romantic getaway or wedding: The Legion of Honor, Courthouse or in a historic cable car! A perfect Northern California Wedding destination

Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding California

Elope to Lake Tahoe: Lake Tahoe is a wonderful place to start a marriage. Eloping here is not only romantic, but it is convenient as California and Nevada meet at Lake Tahoe. The state of Nevada has more wedding chapels than almost any place else in the world and marriages there are recognized across the globe. Check out some great ideas for a Lake Tahoe honeymoon.

Elope to San Diego, the southern most large city in California, sharing the border with its Mexican neighbor, Tijuana. Here you should be ready to be surprised. San Diego has undergone a revival in the last twenty years and there are wonderful sights to see. One of the favorites is Balboa Park. Originally built in 1868, this collection of museums, parks and cultural centers is considered “the Smithsonian of the West”. Just walking though the public areas is a relaxing stroll though some of the most beautiful tropical gardens to be seen. We recommend taking a picnic lunch!

Elope in California to Los Angeles

What makes a Los Angeles Destination Weddings so beautiful? Why, the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood, of course (whether you’re looking to elope in Los Angeles or have a proper wedding)!

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. Almost every major motion picture studio in the world has sound stages here. Visiting here will bring you face to face with movie and television history. What better place to elope in California and start a romance than the land where some of the most romantic movies of all time were filmed?

Elope to the beach in California

If you want to elope on a beach, well there are lots of options. One well suited to nature lovers would be the Sonoma Coast beach. The water is pristine, bird species abound, and if you go between the months of December to April you may spy a gray whale! It’s suggested if you elope on this beach, look to neighboring Bodea Bay for lodging accommodations. And than all thats left is coming back for romantic weekends in Sonoma for your anniversary

Elope to Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a charming place to elope in California. You could do a courthouse elope Santa Barbara and then eat at one of the many delightful restaurants or cafes overlooking the ocean. Besides the courthouse, there are great elope locations on or overlooking the beach. A couple companies offer the typical "elopement" packages that might help you plan if you don't want to do much yourself.

Elope to Big Sur California

The coast is a great place to elope in California. If you are considering to elope in Big Sur California check out our Big Sur romantic getaway, for extensive information on spas, honeymoon spots and romantic hotels, restaurants and elope to Big Sur California ideas ( and pictures from our honeymoon:- ). If elope in Big Sur California does not suit your taste than another great place is Montery or Carmel.

Elope in California a destination wedding in Napa Valley, California's wine country is a popular one of romantic places to elope, but if you want a more intimate setting for your elope in Napa Valley then head northwest to the bohemian enclave of Calistoga, known for its healing mineral pools.

The Calistoga Ranch offers elope packages in the setting of a secluded canyon.

Calistoga Ranch, Calistoga,CA

Calistoga Ranch, Calistoga,CA

Tucked into a private canyon in the Upper Napa Valley, just outside the historic town of Calistoga, the 46-room luxury resort is located on a 157-acre site marked by ancient oaks, majestic hills, a rock-hewn stream and private lake - a setting made for a romantic elope in California.

The resort's private vineyard and lake also make it a great spot for a romantic destination wedding.

Elope in Big Bear

Evergreen International Restaurant ( - Situated on a hilltop along the Southern shoreline of Big Bear Lake caters to wedding parties. The lake view from the main dining room and the outdoor deck are breathtaking, as the natural beauty of the lake provides a stunning backdrop against which the most romantic of scenes could be acted out.

A must read on the topic is our Big Bear romantic getaway page and if you are looking for romantic things to do on your honeymoon browse our Big Bear vacation page.

There are places in California that should not be missed while you get away from the everyday turmoil on our elope in California. For elopers who want to take their honeymoon here, and who like snow, there are ski resorts in the mountains that will astound you. The vistas are breath taking and with a little careful planning, you can ski in the morning, take a drive to the coast (Santa Barbara is great) and go sailing in the afternoon. (that's what we did on our honeymoon). Then have a wonderful romantic dinner while watching the sun setting into the ocean. There are few places where you can do things like this, but California is one place where you can do it all.

Northern California wedding destination - Elope to Mendocino

Mendocino is right on the cost in Northern California, a 3 hour drive from San Francisco.

The Little River Inn ( is elegant yet charming, luxurious but still cozy. It's perched on the Pacific Ocean with dramatic and ever-changing ocean views providing a breathtaking backdrop for your elopement.. Exchange vows on the untamed beach, before the splendor of a sunrise or sunset, or under the starlit sky with the ocean's poetry whispering in the background.

Affordable Mendocino Elope at the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek ( A Mendocino elopement package costs $1,000 and includes coordinator fees, minister fees, a small bridal bouquet, a small cake and champagne (two night stay minimum ). Have a couples massage at the spa or soak in hot tubs, drink wine in front of your private fireplace or in the two-person in-room Jacuzzis.

The Cottages at Little River Cove
( provides spectacular ocean views and beautiful gardens that create a stunning, romantic atmosphere for your Mendocino Elopement.

Elope packages:
Intimate Elopement - $995 (up to 4 people)

• Choice of Ceremony Locations with an Officiant

• Bridal Bouquet, Boutonniere, and additional arrangement of your choosing

• A Champagne Toast for you and your guests

• Personalized, Boutique Wedding Cake and cake cutting service

• Day-of Wedding Coordination

• Plush Robes for relaxing in front of the fire or watching the sunset

• Concierge Service for sightseeing, wine tours, entertainment, and dining

Signature Elopement - $1950 (up to 12 people)

• Choice of Ceremony Locations with an Officiant

• Bridal Bouquet, Boutonniere, and additional arrangement of your choosing

• Hour Romantic Fireside Couples Massage
• A Champagne Toast for you and your guests

• Personalized, Boutique Wedding Cake with cake cutting service

• Professional Wedding Photographer, including a photo CD and Internet Album

• Day-of Wedding Coordination

• Plush Robes for relaxing in front of the fire or watching the sunset

• Concierge Service for sightseeing, wine tours, entertainment, and dining

Elope in California and Marriage license requirements

vary as each marriage license bureau in California has its own requirements.

Residency Requirement: Do not have to be a resident of California.

Waiting Period: No waiting period.

Fees: $40.00. Some counties will only accept cash.

No tests.

With that being said, there are other things you should know about California. This is the land of dreams and people here enjoy seeing someone live out a dream. If it is a romance, they are even more encouraging. This means you’ll find yourself welcome among the believers here who made their vision real. However, you’ll find people very laid-back. No one will busy body you to death, they’ll just smile and wave while you indulge in each other’s glances.

One of the things that a few people take advantage of when they make a get away to California is a wonderful series of cruises along the California coast. This will give you the best honeymoon you can imagine and with the cost of a huge wedding safely done away with, any new couple can take a week seeing the sights of Los Angeles, San Diego and further north to San Francisco. All of this can be done with a minimum of fuss. This State is one of the largest travel destinations in the world and there are multiple options and itineraries for any budget. Even a stay in a single city can give you enough memories to fill a lifetime.

Find out more about California vacations and follow our Honeymoon Spots across California.

If you are still not convinces that Elope in California is for you - check out other romantic places to elope in US

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