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Eloping, by traditional definition, is a secret, unplanned, getaway wedding without anyone's consent. Eloping allows you to decide on the formality and backdrop of your wedding. You can make your wedding anything you want - from a casual city hall experience, a fun Vegas celebration, a simple barefoot ceremony on a beach, or an elegant formal fairy tale in a medieval castle.

Some couples choose a modified, modern-day version of elopement...

Destination Weddings are Modern elopements - often romantic, exciting and planned alternatives to traditional weddings. For the ultimate elope wedding experience check out Club Med's Weddings by Image .

Eloping allows you to invite your parents, siblings and closest friends without having to bear the financial burden of hosting a huge, extravagant wedding. Find out why couples elope -- reasons to Elope

If you are more into DIY destination weddings check out our How to elope - 10 steps to successful elope planning guide.

Romantic Elope Ideas and unique places to elope.

Elope to wine country, have your ceremony in a vineyard's main house.

Elope to the mountains Get married in Colorado and go mountain hiking, white water rafting and take the historical Durango-Silverton train. The month of May is typically low season and great deals can be found around the ski resorts.

Elope to the beach -- barefoot of course !

Elope on a Cruise or a luxury resort in Europe.

Elope in a hot air balloon -- with just enough room for the bride, groom, the pilot, the officiant, and a witness.

Elope in a Cathedral in Spain while an opera singer preforms Ave Maria.

Just let your imagination do the work and make your wedding reflect who you are as a couple. Enjoy your wedding day - It’s really just about the two of you and your commitment to each other.

Is there a close mountain resort, beachfront, lush park, waterfall or rambling gardens that look ideal for saying your vows? Check them out! Take the time to do a little research and you’re sure to find something with the privacy you want that’s within your means. Note: If you are going out of state remember to check the requirements for a marriage license before you leave.

For couples who’ve planned ahead and put away some mad money for their elopement a lot more options become available. You might plan a “destination” elopement. Many companies offer full planning services. What are the destinations? Everywhere! However, many couples in this situation still won’t be traveling ½ way round the world on an adventure. You could consider some of the classics – Elope in Las Vegas, elope in Niagara Falls and stay for your honeymoon you can elope to New Orleans , or elope in California or elope in Florida (then again, why be normal?). While eloping is becoming far more popular, its still breaks with convention. Why not be unconventional about your choice of elopement locations too? Travel to Vienna to celebrate your wedding ceremony following the footsteps of Empress Sisi. The noble Viennese charm and the inexhaustible scenic attractions offer you a symphony of the scenes and thus exactly the right ambiance for a romantic wedding.

The Highlight: An exclusive journey with the majestic Imperator Train de luxe.

You really do have a whole world of possibilities from destination wedding elope in NY to Tahiti and beyond. In this case talk about the kinds of places you both love, or that you both always wanted to visit. Eloping is an opportunity to manifest some of those dreams. Say your vows on a transcontinental cruise, head off to a secluded spa resort, or go play in the sands of Egypt. The only caution here is making sure you know the regional laws before you travel. The waiting period for marriage varies all over the world, so if you’re going international talk to the consulate and find out everything you’ll need. They’ll be happy to help you.

Opting to elope over planning a traditional wedding can be a refreshing and fun way to tie the knot.

If we had one piece of advice we could give you for eloping ideas it’s this: Dare to be different and have FUN! Let your life together begin as an adventure that you will never forget.

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