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Destination wedding dresses are as much fun to choose as the destination it self. One of the most decisions you will make when destination wedding planning is selecting the perfect dress. But, making a decision about which kind of gown to wear to dazzle your man might depend somewhat on where your wedding will take place -- in a church, on a mountain top, by the ocean or on an exotic island.

For a beach wedding you might want to opt for a light and airy fabrics as silk chiffon or organza and skip the long train and veil -- one might get sandy and the other difficult to handle in a stronger breeze. Also, silks and laces are preferred for their sophisticated appeal and easy-to-pack features. Check out 7 ways to beach proof your wedding dress

The length of the dress compared to your destination location should be weighed carefully. A beach wedding is actually rather safe for most dresses as long as the ceremony takes place above the high tide line.

Keep an eye out for a stray piece of seaweed that might stain the dress. You could also make sure that there is either a walkway or that the dress can be held up to prevent any wet sand from attaching to the hem.

Elope to the Mountains

Another factor in choosing the dress is the climate. Many dresses have multiple layers which give the iconic bell shape, but this adds weight and heat, both of which have been the cause of discomfort. Save those heavy dresses for mountain weddings that take place in snow covered resorts are where you want layers. Go with lightweight options for those weddings that are on a tropical beach.

The wedding dress is one of the single most recognizable symbols of love and commitment around the world. It is extravagant, unique and often used only once in a lifetime. Just because you are eloping to a romantic destination wedding does not mean you have to be married in casual clothes.

With the right choice of fabric and the right cut of wedding gown, you can incorporate elegantly designed destination dresses into your dream wedding. Think also about the accessories -- high heels might also be tricky to walk in.

The dress should fit the style of the venue the chosen wedding destination. There are dozens of styles that would look wonderful in one setting and look out of place in another. Bohemian style dresses make perfect pick for ceremonies held at garden or wooded areas. When considering a location, the destination wedding dress needs to fit the bride and her surroundings.

After you've purchased the perfect destination wedding dress for your church, mountain top, by the ocean or on an exotic island ceremony, getting it safely transported on the long journey from your home to your destination wedding can prove challenging.

Tips for getting your destination wedding dress safely to the ceremony.

Check with the bridal shop for advice on how best to pack it for the trip.

Check with your Airlines first if it can hang your destination wedding gown in first class.

Make sure again if it's ok right before your trip, because airlines change their policies all the time.

To find the best way to transport your wedding packing for your destination wedding

Some families pass dresses from generation to generation, being placed in special storage boxes made to preserve their shape and protect them from the ravages of time. There is also a new “trash the dress” or also known as fearless bridal or rock the frock movement. It consists of a last shoot after the wedding, almost as a declaration that the wedding is done and the dress will not be used again. It is seen as an alternative to storing the dress away, never to be seen again. Beaches and lakes -- where water, dirt and sand can tear up a gown -- are some of the most popular locations for trash the dress shoots. Hey at least you don’t have to worry about traveling back with your destination wedding gown and dry cleaning.

No matter how you decide to treat your dress no other piece of clothing for an adult is given as much significance, so it is one that should be carefully considered before a bride chooses hers.

Alternatively ...

You can also mail the destination wedding dress your self ahead of time OR one of the most effective ways to transport destination wedding dresses is to have the shop deliver it directly to your destination wedding location.

It's really simple -- arrange it with your resort / wedding planner and make sure to enter a shipping address otherwise it will arrive at your billing address.

Destination wedding dresses from many parts of Europe and the United States have had a strong influence on styles around the world, but with distinct regional designs incorporated. The most noticeable is often the veil or distinctive head wear. These should match the color and general fabric of the dress but be fitted so that the bride's hairstyle and makeup are not disturbed. Some traditional headdresses (not to mention wedding shoes) can add a few inches, so a little practice getting in and out of cars should be done to prevent damage on the wedding day.

Likewise, check any outdoor setting for grass that might cause discoloration, mud or even heavy dust. Each environment has it's own character, so be sure to prepare for any potential impact on your dress. Even how you arrive at the ceremony can be a potential problem.

One bride was taken to the church in a horse drawn carriage and when getting out a greasy piece of metal stained her dress! Luckily the area was small enough to be hidden with a carefully placed safety pin, so the wedding went on as planned and no one was ever the wiser.

The dress was so perfect and it was up to my expectations -- I was very happy and from start to finish very impressed. Plus they offer collections 20% - 40% off retail prices and there's no charge for sales tax and free shipping on most orders.

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A dress can be almost any length and style. Destination weddings give you a chance to be playful and creative. Having a lush forest wedding? Think Robin and Marian styled outfits! Heading to a tropical paradise? Go with the local customs. There’s no restrictions, just what’s meaningful to you.

Here is Nicola's Unique Wedding Dresses guide to help you choose the right destination wedding dress for your wedding location.

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