Discover What Destination Calabria has to Offer

Romantic destination Calabria is one of those unassuming and surprising Italy vacations getaways for couples on their Italian honeymoon and those in love. This region in southern Italy is located at the “toe” of the Italian peninsula. While it may not be the richest or most well-off region of Italy, it is certainly one of those areas that attracts the attention of couples looking for a romantic getaway destination. Calabria. As you will come to realize after reading further, has many wonderful surprises awaiting you!

In general, couples who visit Calabriaon their Italy vacations or Italian honeymoon spend most of their time along the coastline or in the mountain ranges where it is more serene and peaceful destination. Calabria, you will also find, is full of local people who will help to make your vacation experience a memorable one by extending the charm they are known for to visitors from far and near.

The minute you step on the ground in Calabria, you will find an activity that caters to couples on Italy vacations. The tourism industry in Calabria ensures that there are activities that cater to different people and people with different likes and interests. While the hallmarks of Calabria are great food and wine, warm people and excellent weather, the region is also known for the activities that are designed specifically to appeal to romantics and couples on their Italian honeymoon.

Destination Calabria: So Much to Do, So Little Time!

Little do people know that your destination Calabria is the home to many rare species of birds, reptiles and animals. In particular, there is a wide selection of birds that exists in Calabria, hence making bird watching a favorite activity for visitors. You and your partner can sit quietly and observe the behaviors of birds out in the wild. Having that chance to bond with nature often brings couples closer together on their Italian honeymoon.

Mountain Destination Calabria
As earlier mentioned, Calabria is also known for its massive mountain ranges. Couples can spend their Italian honeymoon trekking along footpaths throughout the mountains or they traverse the journey by horse or on mountain bike. Either way, it is usually a very refreshing and calming experience that people in love would absolutely enjoy. The peacefulness of the mountains, especially in the early morning is absolutely wonderful!

Beach Destination Calabria
There are also scuba-diving packages available for couples who are either on a honeymoon or just celebrating the love they have for each other. These packages will offer training and rental of equipment for people, and even the option to get your photograph taken underwater.

Paragliding is also a favorite activity on Italy vacations in Calabria because people instantly get to overlook the mountainside as well as the stunning ocean views as they sail through the air. And for those who would rather stay closer to ground, there is the option to go river canoeing.

As you can see, Calabria is filled with a myriad of activities that couples can engage in together on their Italian honeymoon or romantic getaway.

Destination Calabria: Must-See Romantic Spots in Calabria

While on your Italian honeymoon or getaway to Calabria, there are a number of places that you should endeavor to see while you are there. These sites contribute to the romantic appeal of Calabria and would help to make wonderful memories for you and your partner. Some of the most popular sites include:

• Reggio, Destination in Calabria, the largest and oldest city, filled with art nouveau buildings and beautiful beaches, as well as over 3,000 years of history
• Gerace another Destination in Calabria is a medieval city with a lot of history, including an ancient cathedral
• Soverato on the Ionian Sea, especially known for its beaches, boardwalk and swinging nightlife
• Nicotera, a small medieval town Destination in Calabria, also with a lot of history and community warmth and charm

Destination Calabria: Endless Options for Accommodation

Holiday rentals are really popular in Calabria on Italy vacations. There is a wide selection of wonderfully designed apartments, villas, houses or holiday homes, all available for rent. In many cases, these facilities are self-catering. Apart from those, you can also opt to stay in any of the Calabria hotels, fincas or bed and breakfast facilities.

How to Get to Destination Calabria

Getting to Calabria is fairly easy. The region has three airports that all cater to many international airlines. It would probably suit you best to land in a more central region in Italy and then connect to the airport near to your final destination.

Italy has always been known as one of those countries that invoke romance and love. When you are on your Calabria vacation with your special someone, you will definitely start to feel that love and emotion tugging at your heart. Calabria may not necessarily be the most sought after Italian region for vacationers, but it is certainly one that will make wonderful memories for romantics on vacation.

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