Cruise to New England

Cruises to New England combine a dose of relaxing and a bit of history. Aboard ship you are likely to share a view of the new lands similar to what the colonists might have seen from sea. The coastline of America’s eastern shore can be riddled with complicated travel, but a cruise lets you step back and look at one of the busiest areas in the world without all the hassle.Originally all you would see from shore might be a lighthouse or maybe the harbor lights, but each is exciting and brilliant, announcing a new port of call for you and your partner to explore together. New York City, Boston and Quebec City are the most common departure points for cruises to New England. Often these cruises are booked in advance for the fall season to get a glimpse of the amazing change of seasons, but don’t let that limit your imagination. Each month offers different colors and landscapes just waiting for your presence.

Port of Call on Cruises to New England

Each port of call on cruises to New England offers you the chance to go ashore and sample the local history and culture. In Newport, Rhodes Island you can see the small mansions used as summer cottages of the wealthy and taste fresh seafood like nowhere else. Boston, Massachusetts is a port steeped in the history of the Revolutionary War and the founding of America. Don’t miss Boston Market for some incredible taste treats. Tours often include Freedom Hall and Salem, Massachusetts. Your inner artist might enjoy the getaway feel of Bar Harbor, Maine. Many itineraries offer excursions to Acadia National Park, a large sanctuary donated by the Rockefellers. Most cruises to New England also include New York City’s commercial bustle and thriving cultural attractions.

Travel to Canada: Cruises to New England to or from Canda

If your ship stops in the Halifax, Nova Scotia and historical Quebec City, Canada you will need a passport to disembark. These cities may be separated by national boundaries, but the beauty of the land is unmistakably connected with similar striking views of New England. Much of the history that runs through New England also influenced the building of these Scottish and French cities. Port calls provide a vivid link to America’s history and to the rest of the world. Quebec’s fortifications are a UNESCO World Heritage site and Halifax has a detailed museum honoring the Titanic.

Time between ports can be spent enjoying the amenities aboard ship, resting, games, pools, casinos or each other! When you book your cruise you have the freedom to plan as many or as few activities as you want. Excursions offer possibilities, but remaining on the ship has some rewards all its own.

Traveling along the coastline of New England you will experience the cliffs and inlets that were home to America’s first settlers, and you’ll begin to see the attraction they held. Being on the sea may even remind you that the ocean was the original highway, marketplace and grocery store of another era. The Atlantic coastline, islands and cities of New England make a great experience that is best reached from sea.

Cruises to New England can be personalized to emphasize natural beauty, historical settings or the beginnings of America.

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