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Cruising on the Adriatic in Dalmatia

Here is Pero's idea for an adventurous romantic vacation in Croatia.
Pero was born in Split, Dalmatia and grew up by the sea. He has been working in the tourist business for more than thirty years.

If you are looking for a very special adventure and a different way to enjoy your Croatia sailing vacations, cruising the Adriatic in Croatia in restored antique ships is for you.


The closest thing to this experience is being on the Windjammer in Maine, USA. But, instead of sailing on the rough Atlantic Ocean, you are sailing on the calm blue waters of the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Dalmatia has a very mild climate. Winters are short and mild, and summers are long and hot. Due to Dalmatia geographical position there are often very pleasant winds. On average, every other day in Dalmatia is sunny and bright. All of these characteristics make Dalmatian climate one of the most desirable on our planet and cruising in Dalmatia the most popular vacation choice.


For this Croatia sailing vacations experience, you have to be fit, agile, adaptable, and enjoy meeting people from all over Europe. These ships have tall sails, but mostly run with motors as the wind is seldom and unpredictable. The capacity of these small ships is for a mere twenty-eight or so people. The cabins are basic and small and not sound-proof, reachable by narrow steep stairs. Some ships have private bathrooms for each cabin, while others are shared.

These Croatia sailing vacations adventures are for vacationers who love to swim, sunbathe, and snorkel, which can be done right off the ship as it anchors in beautiful spots. If you like camping, don’t require much privacy, and are comfortable with informal living, than you are a good candidate for this holiday adventure. Each evening your ship docks at either islands or the mainland, to enable you to socialize and enjoy local food and shops before returning to the ship for the night.


No need or space for a fancy wardrobe or many suitcases on Croatia sailing vacations. This is a trip for tee shirts, swim suits, a few towels with lots of sun lotion in a small suitcase.

Each ship has its own chef who prepares home-cooked meals with local produce, meat and fish daily in the informal dining area. Passengers share meals as they get to chat, make new friends, and learn about Croatia as they sail.

Cruising in Croatia, chartering one of the many comfortable gullets is your holiday option where you can decide where and how to spend your time. Hopping from one to another island, visiting secluded coves and small fishing villages and admiring the natural splendor of the Adriatic coast.


Cruising is a great way to take a vacation. Chartering a gullet gives you the freedom, a cruise liner or a hotel cannot offer you. There are no fixed itineraries, so you are free to go where and when you please, visiting ancient sites and ruins, swimming in clear water and isolated caves, dressing as you like and eating what you imagine.

On your Croatia sailing vacations the crew is at your service. Have as much fun or tranquility as you want and when you want it. Thousand islands, set in the blue Adriatic, fine Croatian cuisine – all this can be found right in the heart of Europe! Croatia has long been the best kept secret of European sailors.

There is no better way to know Croatia but sailing to discover the country with a thousands and more islands.

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