Best Couples Cruises

When everyday life might seem to finally be getting the better of you, romantic cruise vacations are only a couple of days and a packed bag away!


If you are looking for couples cruises you should be aware of your timing and the type of cruise you want to book. Let’s face it; if you are looking for a romantic time aboard ship, the last thing you want is a family cruise or worse, the “spring break” cruise! You want to find the right cruise at the right time of year for the right length of time for just the two of you. Remember that in the summer, families are traveling together, and Spring Break is when college students let loose, so plan accordingly.

Top 3 Romantic Getaway Reasons for Couples Cruises

Dinner reservations are already in place for gazing into each other’s eyes on these romantic couples cruises. The food on a cruise line is superb and a quiet meal for two can be brought to your room if the mood strikes you. Enjoying a good meal that no one has to cook or clean can make it easy to relax and pay attention to the important things sitting across the table.

The Wedding or Romantic Honeymoon Couples Cruises

Whether you decide to plan your couples cruises as your get away after your wedding or do the very modern and romantic thing and get married aboard ship with all of your friends and family, the cruise is the thing. Cruise to Mexico or to the Caribbean where the scent of the tropics floats over you, holding your sweetie, pledging your love. Life cannot get better.

If you choose to get married aboard ship, the captain can perform the ceremony. Nothing says romance like saying your vows on the deck of a ship as it steams its way to some exotic locale. Afterward, your reception can be shared by your fellow travelers, or be an event that is just shared by the two of you.

Many of the larger cruise lines will help plan your wedding or your honeymoon and there are even “registries” where your friends and families can contribute to your romantic honeymoon cruise fund.

More about Romantic Honeymoon Cruises & Wedding Cruises

The Anniversary Couples Cruises

Whether you have been married a year or fifty years, taking your beloved on a romantic cruise to a land faraway, just has all the earmarks of one of those classic movies, where men and women dressed for dinner and everyone was so civilized.

The major cruise lines now have cruises that last anywhere from three to seven days they are the perfect getaway for an anniversary for the busy couple.

Vow Renewal Couples Cruises

Much like the wedding cruise or the anniversary cruise, renewing your vows to one another is a romantic gesture that cruises were made for. Helping you create just the right ambiance is the crew’s specialty and they are there to help.


Couples Cruises and Short Romantic Getaways

Not everyone has vacation time saved up for a four week Mediterranean tour, but we all need just that little bit of fresh air. Our relationships can use some time to reconnect, too. The idea of a cruise as a big elaborate affair still lingers in the mind, but it shouldn’t trip you on the way to port.

Pick couples cruises that take advantage of that long weekend coming up or the week of a holiday where one extra day off will never be noticed. This is the perfect surprise for someone or a way to celebrate an anniversary without breaking the bank. There are even special decorations and accommodations to help you celebrate your romantic cruise time away. If your relationship is just blossoming a short cruise helps you shrug out of daily stress and really focus on each other. The pools, casinos, games and events of the ship are the perfect backdrop to explore your connection and a short cruise means that it will likely be easier to schedule and plan your trip. A two night cruise could be a perfect test run for that romantic honeymoon cruise you’ve been eyeing.

Having the option to take off for a four-day weekend getaway aboard a ship is a great thing. Sailing from Thursday to Monday makes it possible to make the work week go really quickly, at half-length. It's also plenty of time to see the ship, enjoy many of the onboard activities, have an excursion on shore or see a sunset. You'll have plenty of time to relax and still enjoy romantic couples cruises. Demand for short cruises has increased, so you have many choices for where to take your romantic getaway cruise.

From Prince William Sound in Alaska to San Diego or Norway, romantic cruise vacations can take you and your loved one around the world. The options are limited only by what the two of you share. Australia, China, France and the Greek Isles make great backdrops to rekindle the bond. Develop a new interest together while you watch glaciers, learn to dance onboard or enjoy hundreds of activities on the many decks and levels.


Most cruise lines offer special one day cruises and great getaway specials on weekend days. Several cruises are carefully created for short cruises on major holidays. One day cruises can actually be longer.

You might set sail on the first day, stay overnight at a destination and return the next day.

'One day' often actually means 'one night.’

You can pick any day, though weekends are the busiest of course.

If short time limits are holding you back then you can now dream big. One day couples cruises and carefully selected excursions can satisfy your need to get away for a day and still not use up precious vacation days. You can save those for the four or five day or even week-long romantic cruise vacations.

Things to do on Couples Cruises

Boredom used to be a common problem on a cruise. A good book, a turn around the deck, some ping pong and that was the extent of the entertainment. that is not the case any more. Cruises are now full of excitement and fun.

Today’s cruise ships offer things like musicals or full on theatricals and so much more! There are alternatives that include the latest blockbuster movie, gambling, video games, and more. The list is practically endless – you and your partner are sure to hit on a winning combination.

The ship itself is fascinating. If you can tour one of these great ladies, it would take at least two days all on its own. And nowadays, with the few exceptions of United States to Europe cruises, you usually have a new port of call every day.Think about it, a new and exotic place to explore everyday and then return to your floating retreat in the evening. And then it’s off to a new and different exotic place to explore. How awesome is that?

A cruise ship may resemble a floating hotel, but it’s more like a floating resort or city. They are self contained with all of the great things that a city has all the excitement with, really none of the drawbacks. And it travels with you, which makes it even better, allowing you to see the wonders of the world, while wrapping you in luxury at the end of the day.


The sea air, the sun, exotic lands and ports of call all combined with the delights of seeing the world with new eyes. Is there a better way to relax than a long leisurely cruise? Check out some Romantic Cruise Ship Vacations for two. You'll be on your way to the honeymoon or romantic getaway of your dreams.

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