Dreaming of a Romantic Cook Island Vacation?

Full Immersion in South Pacific Beauty for Just the Two of You!


The Cook Islands provide some of the most memorable romantic experiences with a magical natural environment as the backdrop. But which one of the 15 islands that are spread over about 2,000,000 km² of the Pacific Ocean should you choose? The Cook Islands are in the center of the Polynesian Triangle with other wonderful islands and destinations like Tonga, Samoa and Tahiti surrounding them.

Here is Our Favorite Cook Island Vacation

-- Aitutaki Cook Island Vacation Aitutaki is the most visited island in the Cook Islands.

It is just about 240 km north of Rarotonga, which is the main island within the set. This island surprisingly gets the most visitors although it is not the main island. Aitutaki is most famous for its large and beautiful lagoon that is home to most water activities on the Cook Islands. The activities that you can participate in include sailing, swimming, cruising and snorkeling, which is especially popular because of the beautiful coral reefs beneath the ocean.

In terms of accommodation, the Inano Beach Bungalows, which form a beachfront property, are perfect because they are located right on the Aitutaki lagoon and take your breath away every morning. Imagine waking up to a view of the South Pacific Ocean!

Rarotonga Cook Island Vacation

Back to the subject of Rarotonga, the main island of the Cook Islands. Here, you see the perfect blend of western style with island living, perfect for those couples who do not necessarily want to be fully immersed in a cultural experience of the Cook Islands. You can also do water activities like sailing, swimming and snorkeling in Rarotonga.

Atiu Cook Island Vacation

For the true cultural experience, Atiu is perhaps the best island throughout the Cook Islands to visit. The accommodation found at Atiu Villas is really native as the structures are made of wood and other polished raw materials like coconut.

Things to do on a Cook Island Vacation

Whichever island you stay on, you can still participate in tours while staying in the Cook Islands. Specifically, Atiu Tours offers eco-friendly opportunities to tour the islands, including the lush rainforests. You will definitely leave with a new sense of appreciation for nature. Other activities that you can take part in include local dance and drumming lessons and guided mountain treks.

To get to your Cook Island Vacation, you would travel by air from a larger country, like Australia. Air Rarotonga operates twin-engine aircraft between Rarotonga and the other islands in the archipelago so getting between points is fairly easy.

The Cook Islands vacations are pure of magic so it is very hard to not enjoy yourself when you go there.


Tropical Romantic Vacations: The best place to find year round romantic vacations is in the tropics. You’ll be treated to numerous isolated beaches, towns and cities rich in history and culture, and some of the best sunset spots in the entire world. Just imagine your romantic getaway with a crystalline blue ocean against a breathtaking backdrop of lush vegetation.

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