Australia’s Fabulous Coastal Vacations

Romantic Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Couples Getaways

If you are looking for Australian coastal vacations that are filled with romance, you should definitely consider visiting the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. If you want to keep it simple, there are many opportunities for couples to go on sunset walks along the beach.

The beaches along the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast are just magnificent and provide the perfect ambience for couples. Romantic dinners are also options as there are many award-winning restaurants there that provide the perfect setting for people in love. A different take on dinner would be picnicking by a waterfall cascading from any of the mountaintops in that region of Australia. That kind of experience provides the opportunity for couples to bond together as well as bond with nature.

The Gold Coast Australia

The Gold Coast is actually a coastal city in the south east side of the state of Queensland and is one of the most high-profile tourist destinations in Australia. The majority of activities take place in Surfers Paradise, which happens to be the hub for tourist activity. Couples will definitely find a lot of activities to do together on their coastal vacations.

The Gold Coast is filled with activities and excitement that couples will definitely enjoy. Give yourself the opportunity to indulge in a lot of what this buzzing area has to offer and you will never regret it. You and your partner will have lots of coastal vacations memories to last for a lifetime!

Romantic Coastal Vacations: Things to do Along the Gold Coast

Gondola rides – taking gondola rides along the Gold Coast waterways is also a very popular romantic activity. There is the option to have your own private gondola, which adds to the romantic feel of the experience. Most of the gondolas used by couples come with plush cushions and romantic decor along with soft music playing in the background. While going along on the ride, you can enjoy a wonderful dinner with your partner while you take in the beauty of the sparkling lights around as well as the glistening waters you are sailing on. And if you are more into the sunrise type of experience, you can also take an early-morning gondola ride and enjoy a wonderful breakfast together.

Cruising – the Gold Coast waterways are also perfect for cruising opportunities. Wyndham Cruises are actually the experienced specialists at cruising along the Gold Coast and they provide an experience in luxury air-conditioned cruisers. As you take the two-hour cruise, you will be able to see wonderful history of the Gold Coast as well as learn about the rich and famous people from that area of Australia. There is also a fully stocked cocktail bar on board.

Catch a movie – any couple you ask will tell you that visiting a drive-in is one of the most romantic things they can do. The Yatala Drive-In on your coastal vacations is one of the most romantic environments there and you can sit back and enjoy a traditional activity, just you and your loved one.

Visit the Q1 Observation Deck – a great option for spending one of your evenings along the Gold Coast is to visit the Q1 Observation Deck. This attraction is just about 230 m above ground and gives you stunning views of the area. You can also get a look into the history of the engineering of the building. Apart from taking in the views, you can also find yourself some souvenirs as well as spend some time enjoying coffee or cocktails.

Coastal Vacations hot air ballooning – hot air ballooning is quite popular in Australia and is even more exciting in the coastal vacations region. Being in a hot air balloon together in that area gives you wonderful panoramic views of Surfers Paradise and all the activities taking place. You can also see the stunning forest-covered mountains of the Gold Coast hinterland as you sail across the skies.

Take a horse-carriage ride – for a more relaxing and romantic experience, you can go on an old-fashioned two-person horse-drawn carriage ride throughout Surfers Paradise. The ride will take you throughout Surfers Paradise and along the beachfront Esplanade. The 35 minute tour will afford you and your loved one the opportunity to snuggle while taking in the wonderful sights of the Gold Coast.

Romantic Coastal Vacation's Hotels

Accommodation on the Gold Coast usually consists of resorts and hotels for couples who plan to stay in the Surfers Paradise region. Another option exists for people who prefer the full nature experience and being able to bond with the natural resources of Australia's hinterland. As such, here are some options to suit both experiences:

• Cottages on the Creek – Hinterland
• Palazzo Versace
• Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat – Hinterland
• Penthouse Collection by Meriton
The Towers Of Chevron Renaissance, Surfers Paradise,
• Chateau Beachside

Romantic Australia’s Coastal Vacations on the Sunshine Coast!

Couples who have planned for coastal vacations to the Sunshine Coast of Australia are certainly in for a treat filled with a host of cultural experiences!

Sunshine Coast is a broad term used to define the beachside towns of Queensland just to the north of Brisbane. Unlike the Gold Coast that just refers to one region, the Sunshine Coast or the Sunny Coast as it is called by many is a collection of destinations. These include places like Noosa, Coolum and Caloundra.

The Sunshine Coast hinterland also provides a wonderful natural experience for couples visiting. Its mountain towns of Maleny and Montville provide the perfect secluded coastal romantic getaway for just the two of you.

Coastal Vacations: Romantic Things to do on the Sunshine Coast

Classical activities that you might enjoy while on a for Sunshine coastal vacations are fishing, canoeing, swimming and surfing. There are many rivers and bays that can be used for swimming and or just ultimate relaxation.

For activities with a romantic flair, the options vary and include rainforest walks, romantic dinners in the mountains or on the seashore, and even sporting activities like playing golf together. Whatever your interests are as a couple, Sunshine Coast getaways provides the perfect mix of activities and environments for couples on a romantic vacation or honeymoon.

Caloundra consists of over 100 km of sandy beach that stretches all the way to Cooloola Coast however it’s more of a family friendly region of the Sunshine Coast.

Coolum does provide vibrant activities for couples especially if playing golf and visiting parks is more you pace.

The Hinterland is where you will find the most natural environments on the Sunshine Coast. Go town hopping and spend the night in the Glass House Mountains, Mary Valleys, Blackall Range or Noosa. This is also the perfect opportunity to visit some craft and art galleries and shop for souvenirs and gifts. The unique and authentic Australian arts and crafts pieces will definitely be suitable items to keep or give to friends and family.

Where to Stay on the on Your Coastal Vacations on the Sunshine Coast

Here are four resorts and other types of properties that will add to your romantic coastal vacations experience:

Amore On Buderim Rainforest Cabins, Maroochydore, – this is a boutique type of retreat that is perfect for couples looking for somewhere to escape for a few days. It provides all the peacefulness and serenity to allow for some serious bonding time.

Aqua Vista Resort in Maroochydore – vibrant and lively. This is a very stylish resort building that is located very close to the Maroochy Surf Club.

Artisan Spa Views Bed & Breakfast Cottage in Maleny – a bed and breakfast also provides a romantic ambience for couples on coastal vacations. The Artisan Spa Bed and Breakfast provides a wonderful experience is in the mountains of the Sunshine Coast. Couples can enjoy romantic dinners, bottles of wine as well as massages while staying at this luxury bed and breakfast.

Aspect in Caloundra – this is one of the more stunning resorts found in the heart of Caloundra and it is very near to the Happy Valley Beach as well as the main shopping precinct in Caloundra. It is quite vibrant and in the center of all of the activities in that area. Couples looking for an exciting vacation will have one if they stay at Aspect.

The coastal vacations in Australia will definitely expose you and your partner to a unique experience every step of the way. Because there are so many areas within the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast to learn about, no two days will find you having the same experience!

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