Cheap Honeymoon Destinations and Affordable Packages

You should not be too worried about finding cheap honeymoon destinations but rather focus on the right honeymoon package.

Cheap honeymoon destinations are generally those closer to home since it limits the millage traveled. So Thailand, Australia and Bora Bora might be a bit out of scope. Still it does not mean you are stuck with a romantic honeymoon in your backyard. There are places in the US, and Caribbean that offer a nice selection of more affordable honeymoon destinations.

You should not be too worried about finding cheap honeymoon destinations but rather focus on the right honeymoon package.

Here you will find a selection of cheap honeymoon destinations and best places to find an affordable honeymoon vacation packages and Honeymoon cruises. You can already find All-Inclusive Vacation Packages from $443 pp!

Paying separately for flight and hotel will carry a higher cost than getting a combination deal. Cheap honeymoon destinations packages invariably offer the best rates.

Special arrangements between the airline and the hotel make them money by feeding each company customers and the couple gets the benefit of a cheap romantic honeymoon at a better price than they could get on their own.

With a bit of planning and research you should be able to find a romantic honeymoon package to your dream location that offers just what you seek.

If you have your hart set on Europe there are also many possibilities. You can save or you can check out Special Deals from Rail Europe and spend your honeymoon visiting landmarks.

Other Cheap Honeymoon Destinations


A Honeymoon in Hawaii often tops couples’ wish list of top 10 honeymoon spots so although it does not top the top 10 Cheap honeymoon destinations you can save up to $325 on Hawaiian Packages, from $475 pp!

There are often great deals available for honeymooners - a Honeymoon Cruise -- starts already at 599$.


Las Vegas is one of the top Destination Wedding and honeymoon spots -- it is a place where you can buy luxury at the most affordable price in the world and experience Europe and Antiquity US style.

Las Vegas Air + Hotel vacation packages from $250 pp!

There are Mexico Air + Hotel vacation packages from $471 pp.

Florida has some of the best resorts in the world you can save up to $325 on Florida Vacation Packages!.

Enjoy the bustle of Miami, getaway from everything in the famous laid-back Florida Keys or save with Orlando Air + Hotel vacation packages from $295 pp!

Where to Find Cheap Honeymoon Destinations Packages

Here we provide details for 2 sources of affordable honeymoon destinations packages, a website with cheap honeymoon destinations vacation packages search, and a Cheap honeymoon Cruise Search engine.

no one deals like we do!

Priceline does not specifically have Cheap honeymoon destinations packages but their Romantic Vacation Package Deals can easily be adapted for the occasion if you would like to stick to a budget.

Save up to $325 on your Vacation Package at priceline!, it's true – buy your flight, hotel and rental car as a package and you can save an average of $325 over buying separately. Over 2,000 destinations to choose from. No bidding or flexibility required – just pick the exact Hotel & Flight you want and you will see the best price. You can shop, compare, and select the final price in advance! You then simply select the EXACT airline ticket, hotel brand, rental car agency, vacation package, or cruise that works best for you.

Cheap Honeymoon Cruise

A Honeymoon cruise is a great romantic idea for those on a budget.

Nothing is more romantic than setting out on the seas in a cruise ship. The ocean breezes, the setting sun and the endless vistas naturally bring love to mind. Luckily for those looking for honeymoon cruises, there are an endless array of choices. Choose your starting point and final destination and you'll find honeymoon cruises that are well tailored to you. Go on a 4 Day Mexico Cruise starting at $299 or if sun and sand is not what you are looking for then maybe a 7 Night Princess Alaska Cruise from $469 would be more to your liking.

Find more romantic cruises, with live pricing and availability, it is easy to research, arrange, and book reservations online- without any hassles.

Since they work with the best suppliers in the business they can ensure that you will always get the lowest price for your cruise. In fact, they are so confident you won’t find a better rate, they even offer a 100 % guarantee.


Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in the US, Europe and around the world. There are dozens of honeymoon vacations for every country, activity or style you can imagine. There are many honeymoon vacation packages to suit your budget and a hundred superb honeymoon hotels and resorts that cater to newlyweds.

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