Caribbean Sailing Cruise Vacation


A Caribbean sailing cruise vacation is my favorite type of cruising in the Caribbean. A private yacht or catamaran this is the ultimate spot for a romantic sailing getaway.

Among the ultimate in romantic vacations, sailing in the Caribbean on a catamaran, ketch or sloop, not on a luxury cruise ship but truly sailing, with a small crew, just you and your love! And it's less expensive than you think.

The Best of the Best

The large cruise lines obviously don't offer this kind of service, but with a little bit of looking and reading the reviews it's easy to find the best sailors out there. They are offering up what amounts to yacht cruises around the Caribbean, off the beaten path to the hidden spots of the islands, where the untouched beaches are still practically pristine and the reefs are still teeming with life. These crews know every treasure, and love sharing it with couples.

Reading the reviews and checking the prices aren't the only way to find the best sailing cruise, but finding where they go and when. Remember, the Caribbean has only one real draw back. August to November is hurricane season. That means low prices but very iffy weather.

The Top Three Caribbean Sailing Cruise Vacation Contenders

The top three contenders for your romantic getaway are rated on four things: price, accommodations, how much structure they want to impose, and of course - will they let you help steer the boat? Let's face it, if you are going to go sailing, don't you want to help sail?

The first on our list is Lecharter, based out of the Grenadine Islands. An all inclusive two week vacation on the forty two foot ketch the Amel Sharki or the forty five foot sloop the Feeling will run you just over fifty six hundred dollars. When you think about it, that's fourteen breakfasts, lunches and dinners, diving, and entertainment for two, meals for two alone. Having the privacy and the luxury is a prized combination.

The Caribbean sailing cruise vacation is tailored to what you want to do. If you want to just lay on the beach, that's fine. The captain will find you some of the prettiest beaches in the West Indies. If diving is your passion, he will help you with that. It's up to you to design your vacation.

The next contender for the best Caribbean sailing cruise vacation on our list is Sailing Ship Adventures, a company that will not only take you on the cruise of a lifetime but teach you to sail one of these magnificent ships in the process. They offer everything from the tall ships (the ones that look like they sailed right out of Master and Commander) to the more intimate sixty to one hundred foot ships. Sailing all over the Caribbean, this company offers a variety of adventures.

The cost isn't outrageous, about twenty four hundred dollars per person for deluxe accommodations for a week and the chance to sail on one of the tall ships that once plied these waters is priceless.

The truly best is often saved for last. Blackbeard's Cruises offers live board diving, shark swimming and adventure galore where the pirates used to tread. So bring on your cutlass and get ready to board the vessel and set sail with the tide.

These adventures have three ships that set sail throughout the Caribbean have no set itinerary and sail where the weather and the diving is best. Their fleet is eco-friendly and while the Blackbeard fleet is under sail and can carry up to twenty-two passengers, they have two other concerns that are attached to them, the Aqua Cat, private luxury yachts and the Cat Ppalau, a sixty-five foot catamaran also for charter.

Blackbeard's cruises run about 900 $ per person plus incidentals, which is a huge bargain. There are weekend rates available too.

Whatever you are looking for in a Caribbean sailing cruise vacation there is always something that is sure to please. it's a matter of doing your homework and letting your inner pirate be your guide.


The sea air, the sun, exotic lands and ports of call all combined with the delights of seeing the world with new eyes. Is there a better way to relax than a long leisurely cruise? Check out some Romantic Cruise Ship Vacations for two. You'll be on your way to the honeymoon or romantic getaway of your dreams.

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