Canadian Rockies Train

A Canadian Rockies train will take you farther than you imagined and show you the rugged terrain of the Western provinces. You may begin your travel to Canada in British Columbia or Alberta, but you will find yourself transported into a land of native people, coastal rainforests, canyons and mountains. The trip is amazing before you even remember the abundant wildlife that flourishes in the Canadian Rockies or the rich history of an area won but never conquered.

Canadian Rockies vacations: Snaking through the majestic Rockies... and A Canadian Rockies train is the perfect way to find quality time with lovers and travel to new places. Rushing along or managing maps in a car can take away from the joy of traveling. Sitting in dining cars, in antique steam trains or luxury cars is an experience you won’t soon forget. Many of the areas along the Canadian Pacific rail routes are extremely rugged and almost inaccessible by any other means. A Canadian Rockies train ride gives you a rare chance to slow down the pace and be enthralled by views you might have missed entirely. Trains have an air of mystery and excitement from their years of carrying adventurers and romantics to unknown places, but you can touch that piece of history without all the dust.

Canadian Rockies Train Tours Many tours of the Canadian Rockies begin in Vancouver, Vancouver vacation, and travel through wild landscapes to stop in the unique towns that dot along the mountains. Kamloops, Banff, Calgary and Jasper are some of the stops with hotels, restaurants and plenty of local entertainment.

Banff vacations: The resort town of Banff and Lake Louise, both within the borders of Banff National Park, offer a small town pace and respect for nature as you wind your way along the rails.

Calgary, a modern city known for ecotourism and the 2010 Olympic Games, sits at the foothills of the Rockies. These towns provide markers that can help you pick a Canadian Rockies train adventure to suit your needs. Each trip can be customized for length, focused on history or nature, or even broken up into several short train rides between towns and excursions so you can take in more culture.

Day trips and excursions can be an exciting part of a Canadian Rockies train trip. From walking on the Athabasca Glacier to coastal rainforests, your trip along the rails can fan out across the countryside as much or as little as you like. You can even pair your Canadian Rockies train tour with time on a motor coach to reach the UNESCO World Heritage site or a state park where you can get some one on one time with the beauty of Canada.

If you prefer a little less nature and a little more culture, stop and explore the communities for a night or two on your Canada holidays. In town, take the opportunity to stretch your legs on hiking paths or amid the music and performances of the deeply passionate Alberta and British Columbia provinces.

Museums, art and regional culture are just a step away. Find those venues you both enjoy and honor the spirit of train travel by taking your time.

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The aboriginal tribes of Canada are known collectively as the First Nations and nearly half of the 630 tribes are represented along the old trading paths that are the train routes. Exploring local history will deepen your appreciation of the land and of the people who live along the rails. In this province the train goes right through several Canadian National Parks, complete with herds of caribou.

Canadian Rockies train with Steam Engine

Trains have come a long way since steam, but even the steam trains wander the mountain passes to bring you alongside forests, canyons and peek into rich railway history. Trains with sleeper cars and gourmet food give your travel richness as the Canadian frontier slides past the window. Passenger cars have comfortable seats and spectacular views to give you an encompassing experience of the breathtaking Canadian Rockies. Take extra an memory card for your camera. You will need every shot.

Whether you begin in the plains of Calgary or the metropolis of Vancouver, a train can carry you through historical adventure, past the streaming woods and soar straight up to Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Rockies. What a great place to look across the vastness, kiss each other, and breathe fresh air. You will likely find more wonder and possibility than you imagined on a Canadian Rockies train.

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