Romantic Canada Train Vacations

There is a lot to choose from when planning romantic Canada train vacations. The vast vistas of Canada can be hard to take in, but travel along Canada train routes is designed to be comfortable and easy.

In Canada, trains that run between cities and along the trans-continental routes are run by the Canadian government’s private corporation, VIA Rail. The “Canadian” train explores a route on from Toronto to Winnipeg, and westward to Jasper and Vancouver vacation. The journey takes four nights and reveals prairie lands, bustling cities, resort towns and the breathtaking Canadian Rockies to travelers. Visitors travel aboard original 1950’s stainless steel coaches that have been restored and carefully maintained. This is a blast from the past that’s very appealing to many couples.

Transcontinental Canada trains aren’t the only way to experience Canada. Trains also run between cities along the eastern provinces or Pacific coast of Canada. The rail system reaches most of the major cities in Canada so you are able to personalize your journey along Canada’s rails. The Manitoba province includes the most northerly routes of the Canadian National Railway with regular travel between Churchill and Winnipeg.

Every Canada train has unique features but all of the touring trains are complete with plenty of comfortable seating and observation areas for the best views around. The articulated trains that run between Seattle and Vancouver provide a smooth ride with a natural tilting action along curves in the track. Trains offer nostalgic appeal, but train travel in Canada can be a modern experience with computerized train management and even wireless internet available for passengers on many routes. So look to what best suits your mood, and be ready for a different pace than most vacations. Canada train travel is all about taking it down a notch and really focusing on each other and the vistas.

Canada train travel allows you to experience the beauty of the trip as well as the destination. On-board the passenger cars you spend your daylight hours rolling among the wilderness and your nights enjoying a Canadian city like Jasper or Vancouver. In some ways trains were the predecessors to cruise ships – small towns on wheels that stop to smell the roses, literally. Note that you can customize your Canada train travel for many of these vacations. Get off on a spot of particular interest for a day or two, then hop back on to a new location. A romantic journey might take you to Niagara Falls in Ontario and an historical interest could send you across the length of Canada to see the soaring Rockies, the people of the First Nations or the French connection in Montreal.

Banff National Park is great for -- Banff vacations and romantic getaways. And so are Lake Louise and other wonders may be part of a Canada train route, but consider taking an excursion or two to get a personal sense of the Canadian culture and people. Find out more about BC romantic getaway.

The altitudes and challenging landscape of the Canadian territory can limit car access and often means that in train travel is the only way to see an area. Canada train travel in Canada frees you from managing maps and cramped driving. You are more likely to enjoy the constantly changing scenery, city skylines and abundant wildlife if someone else takes over the driving.

From picture windows and domed observation cars on the train you can enjoy the vastness of the Canadian landscape around you. Visit the back of the train and enjoy the ‘bullet lounge’ where the panorama will spread out uninterrupted. In this case it is sometimes helpful to look where you have been before you see where you are going.

In economy seats you will be able to travel comfortably, walk around and visit an on-board coffee shop. Sleeper cars can be helpful on the long treks at night. These cars have several variations from a basic one or two person roomette to a section sleeper with upper and lower berths. Rommettes and bedrooms often include a small washroom and toilet. Not all of Canada’s train cars are in individual sections with forward and rear facing seats. Some of VIA Rail’s cars have spacious and all forward facing seats specifically for viewing the countryside. Travel during the winter months means limited daylight and overnight stays can maximize your train experience in Canada. Your vacation in Canada does not need to limit your travel to the provinces and towns of the North. The American Amtrak system connects with VIA Rail in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal too. On your Canada holidays or when you travel to Canada take time to stop and explore Vancouver vacation: top romantic highlights and getaways Toronto vacation: one of the great modern cities of the world Montreal vacation or romantic getaway : Victorian architecture and cobblestone streets.

The trans-continental railway sent its first trains down the rails in 1885 from Montreal to Vancouver and the sense of history remains with the railway system. The rails travel along extremely difficult and scenic routes, a challenge for the original engineers but a bonus for travelers on the trains of today. The modern and comfortable Canada train routes offer unparalleled travel through Canada.

Canada train vacations

Royal Canadian Pacific

Canada train vacations

Rockies Rail Experience (Eastbound)
Vancouver - Calgary via Crowsnest (7 days)

Rockies Rail Experience (Westbound)
Calgary - Vancouver via Banff (7 days)

Rockies Rail Experience Round Trip:
Calgary - Vancouver - Calgary (7 days)

The Royal Canadian Pacific luxury train brings to life the nostalgia associated with the romance of rail travel.

ROYAL CANADIAN ROCKIES EXPERIENCE - the quintessential Canadian Rockies rail tour.

This luxury train vacation takes you through some of the most rugged and spectacular terrain in the world along the historic

Canadian Pacific Railway lines. This excursion is six days/five nights beginning and ending in Calgary, Alberta.

2006 World Travel Award for “World’s Leading Luxury Train”

2008 National Geographic Traveler “Tours of a Lifetime”

2008 Winner of the Alberta Tourism ALTO award for Service Excellence

2009 "World's Top 25 Trains" as designated by The International Society of Railway Travelers (Royal Canadian Pacific has received this designation every year it has been offered since we opened in 2000)

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