Romantic Bermuda Honeymoon

Clear Seas, Swaying Palms, Endless Miles of Pink Sand Beaches and Romantic Cruises to Bermuda

bermuda-honeymoonWhat do you think about a Romantic Bermuda honeymoon? Half way between the old world and new, half way between heaven and earth. That was one honeymooner's description of Bermuda. We can not verify the later half of that description, seeing as neither of us has been to heaven and many of us are not exactly on the fast track to get there. But we do understand the sentiment. And if you would like to combine your honeymoon in paradise with eloping then check out Bermuda destination wedding.

Cruises to Bermuda for your Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway for Two

Cruises to Bermuda are available from multiple ports and often include other ports of call. St. George's -- the capital of this British overseas territory, is the primary port of call on most cruise line offerings. The city and island have a distinct feel that inspires both relaxation and a sense of comfort. Drawing heavily on it's roots as a British colony, this semi tropical island has soft pink sand beaches, wonderful shops and world class dining.

Arriving at the island you will have options for activities provided as shore excursions. Transportation around the island can be done with a rental car, but prices vary and the roads can be tricky. Buses are popular, but you must have exact change, or purchase a book of tickets. You might find that the local taxis are comfortable, convenient and more affordable. The drivers are known for their courtesy and knowledge. This will essentially give you a private guide to the best spots for a couple.

The first thing that comes to mind when most couples arrive is to head for a beach. This is easy to do as both packaged excursions and local transportation can get you to one of several beaches within minutes. Be sure to bring a high quality camera as the sands have a subtle pink hue because of the various marine species that live in the reefs. When the surf turns their shells to sand, it creates an almost salmon hue on the beaches at sunset.

Bermuda is still considered British territory, so travel for UK citizens is fairly simple, but everyone should keep their passport handy regardless of where they are from. Cruise ships issue key-cards as identification for passengers and both of these are essential for guest of both the island and your particular ship. Luckily crime is fairly low, but common precautions against easily opened bags and pockets should be followed.

Your romantic Bermuda honeymoon is on a semi-tropical romantic island that is not so far south that the sun bakes it without mercy, but not so far north that you need worry about ever seeing the temperature drop to the point where you might need more than a light jacket during the “depth” of winter. The average weather is no lower than mid 60's during the winter and a wonderful sea breeze cooled mid to high 80's in the summer. Now you can see why so many people make it a point to come to Bermuda for their honeymoon vacation and then return at every opportunity.

Cruise or Fly to Your Romantic Bermuda Honeymoon
bermuda-vacation-cruiseGetting to Bermuda can be done two ways. Cruise or fly. So far, there are no plans for a bridge as no one can decide if they should build one from America to the west or straight across from Africa. We will try to update once someone comes up with a workable plan. In the mean time, there are regular flights from multiple locations on both sides of the Atlantic and more cruise options as the primary trade in Bermuda is tourism. It has been a major re-supply location for ships for well over 400 years, primarily by the British.

While a large percentage of the couples who visit are from the US, the island is officially a British overseas territory. The flavor of language is real English, not the Americanized version, but most people from the colonies won't need a translator, so don't worry. No matter where you are from, you will need a passport when you attend Bermuda destination weddings or when you choose Bermuda as your romantic vacation destination. Once you get here, it is advisable to keep your personal possessions in a hotel safe or at the very least be aware of your wallet. Crime is very low considering the number of people who pass through with large amounts of disposable cash. The local mind set it that it is easier to provide a smile and good service than to risk stealing from the guests.

When you arrive at your romantic Bermuda honeymoon island, you will not find a resource that almost every other tourist destination has. Rental cars are not provided as this romantic island is small and there are always taxis and bus stops. bermuda-vacationThe taxi drivers are often able to give you a local's tour, often pointing out places that many guide books have never bothered to write up. The bus lines are also easy to use. The pink ones are heading into the city, the blue are headed out of the city of Hamilton. But if you must handle your own transportation, you can rent one form of transportation, with several services even providing delivery to your hotel. Rent a scooter! This is the most common form of transit and as long as you are over 16 years old, wear a helmet and remember that the roads are British, you'll do fine. If you can't handle the horsepower, rent bike and get some exercise to work off that wedding cake. You should have had one piece anyway. No matter how you get around the Caribbean island, you will be able to do so with a smile.

Now on to the real reason you come here. bermuda-vacation-romantic-sunset The beaches are pink coral sand and would make an amazing shade for anyone who can paint to try and recreate. You must bring a good camera and take multiple pictures at different times of day as the shading will change with the position of the sun. Depending on which beach you are at, sunrise and sunset are times you really will feel like you are in a perfect place to start your life together. When you are not on the beaches, you should check out the para-sailing and boat rentals. If you are not into doing the work, just take a boating tour and go swimming in the turquoise waters. This is why people come to choose to have a Bermuda honeymoon or romantic getaway.


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