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A Belize Honeymoon is a very unique honeymoon as are Belize destination weddings. The Mayans left beautiful architecture. The Spanish explorers left in a hurry and the English settled here along side other Spanish colonies. All that wasn’t in Belize yet was ... well, you! This is the place to go for topical weather, beautiful coastlines and people who want to make your Belize vacations here truly memorable.


Belize is the only Central American country that has English as it’s official language, so you can come here from the US and not have to worry about needing one of those translation books. When you are here with someone special, there are far better things to do with your hands on your Belize Honeymoon (like holding each other’s while walking a long, quiet beach). Now stop grinning dreamily and keep reading. Also check out our Romantic Belize Vacations.

Situated to the south of Mexico and the east of Guatemala, the two major industries in this Caribbean paradise are agriculture and tourism (specifically making you want to come back for more!). The people here are happy to make your stay not only fun, but stress free. And being stress free here is just about the easiest thing you can do in the world.


Belize hosts the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, the Big Blue Hole, is one spot that you will see and remember for the rest of your life. And if you like to dive, this could be bliss for you on your Belize vacations. The clarity of the water is perfect and that reef is part of almost 200 miles of pristine blue water that you must experience first hand. For the novice divers there are plenty of instructors and places to take your first steps in snorkeling. You don’t have to miss out on anything while you are on your Belize Honeymoon or exotic romantic vacations.

Now let’s consider the name of some of the things you’ll be encountering on your Belize Honeymoon. We mentioned that “stress free” is a way of life here and we weren’t kidding. The national dish is a wonderful stewed chicken and rice with potato salad. To make it easy, just ask for a “1-2-3”. Yes, they named it that to make it easy on everyone! Why do you think the greatest diving spot on this side of the planet was called the “Big Blue Hole”? These people can teach the world a thing or two about practical names.


The sea and the beaches are contenders for best in the world for honeymoon spots, but there is also a fantastic natural landscape for you to explore with each other on your Belize Honeymoon. Rich jungle with Mayan ruins to wander and marvel at, tours to take you where you can see and hear the birds, rivers for kayaking that ranges from slow and gentle drifting through the jungle to those that raise your pulse together to a rockin’ and rollin’ level! When you are on your Belize vacations you heart will race, and sometimes it’s not just because of who you are with.

With all this outdoor fun, you may need a little civilization to regroup. Well, a Belize vacation has some of the world’s most accommodating… uhmm… Accommodations! During your Belize Honeymoon you can stay at a luxury hotel, a vacation condo on the mainland, or even do a tour of bed and breakfast houses as you roam the coast and the islands! On an exotic romantic vacations there is a budget range for everyone, with variation to suit any taste.


Now the bad part. The weather. For those of you who are coming for a Belize Honeymoon from the north, you may want to bring a sweater if you visit from November through January. Not for yourself, but for anyone who might think that an average of 75 degrees is cold. And May through September is when you really need to beware of the heat. Not from the weather, actually, but from the infamous bathing beauties of Belize (of both genders)! The summer temperatures average around 80 degrees. When you are here during the “cold” Belize vacations try not to chuckle when people ask how you can stand walking around without long sleeves and in the heat of the summer, head to the beach. It’s all good in Belize!

As far as when to travel , the quietest months for a honeymoon in Belize is from June to October. It allows you to spend less on airfare and hotels, and more on each other. Mind you if you decide to go in winter, the season will be dry, giving you wonderfully sunny skies for picture taking.


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