Beach Wedding Dresses

Best Beach Wedding Dresses and 7 Ways to Beach Proof your Destination Wedding Dress.

The center of any wedding is the bride and her dress. These have become the most iconic image of what a wedding is today and with a little forethought, the combination of sand, sea and dress will make magic.

A seaside wedding with the sun setting in the ocean, and the waves painting a memorable picture behind the couple is something for which many couples travel halfway around the world. Don’t forget the timing of the ceremony to prevent the tide and guests being in the same place at the same time (and wet).

The sand can be raked and leveled but nature often makes control over the location difficult. Here are

7 Ways to Beach Proof Your Destination Wedding Dress.

  1. Keep your train short and with a finger hold but foregoing the train that catches every last piece of sand, sea-breeze and seaweed is best. If have set your hart for pictures with a train, get one that disconnects and put it on just before pictures.

  2. Beach wedding dresses can be short or long, have long beach wedding dresses hemmed up enough to allow your feet to sink into the sand.

  3. Many brides are choosing to have beach wedding dresses that are not traditional in the sense of shape -- a wide bell silhouette that most people associate with marriage just doesn’t work well in the sand, Beach wedding dynamics have a mind of their own. Go for straighter lined beach wedding dresses rather full gowns keeping in mind the sea breeze.

  4. For a tropical beach wedding keep it light and stay away from elaborate dress and heavy fabrics. The environment is obviously the most pressing concern after the style of dress. Make sure it looks good in natural light - natural fibers such as silk or cotton are preferred. The fabric should be able to breath, but not be so light that a sudden wind will have the gown becoming a distraction rather than a highlight for the ceremony.

  5. There should also be as much attention paid to any headwear -- try flowers instead of hats.

  6. Veils not only protect you from too much sun, but keep you from squinting in the wedding pictures. Veils are naturally very light weight to begin with. If you have your heart set on a veil, have it weighted at the bottom and a simple clasp can be as much of an accessory as it is a practical solution to keep the wind from tossing it around.

  7. Ditch the hoseand opt for dressy sandals, flip flops, wedge heels or barefoot sandals. Check your landing pad for any stray rocks that could cut or injure.

The wedding dress is traditionally white, but that tradition varies by location and in some cases should be carefully reconsidered. In many tropical settings a wreath of flowers gets laced around the neck of both bride and groom. The type of flower is very important as some flowers with very bright colors run the risk of discoloring a bright white fabric.

A dress made to match your choice of wedding destination is one that tells a rich story all its own.

Destination wedding planning: Depending on the size of your guest list and on how elaborate you would like your wedding to be the occasion requires planning well ahead of time, with arrangements for travel, accommodations for guests and members of the wedding party, catering, and flowers.

Tips for getting your destination wedding dress safely to the ceremony and packing for your destination wedding.

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