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Banff vacations alone are worth the travel to Canada as they bring the beauty of Canada’s natural beauty together with a small town charm. Located just west of Calgary in the Canadian Rockies, Banff getaways are famous for offering the best of the outdoors in every season. This job is made much easier because Banff National Park surrounds the town with sparkling lakes, soaring peaks and wildlife of every description. Your Banff vacations are more likely to include a few sightings of bears, wolves and caribou than a fashion show or glitzy production. Romantic Banff getaways are definitely an outdoor couple’s paradise. The local community is immersed in the majesty of unspoiled nature and really encourages visitors to have a deep connection and appreciation for the environment.

Your rustic Banff vacations experiences can begin anytime, but in summer the fields around Banff bloom with flowers. The Sunshine Meadows are a naturally occurring flower garden that is tucked 7,500 feet up a hiking trail. There is no road to lead you to the beauty of this field. Local rivers and lakes are teeming with life and fly fishing is excellent through most of the warmer season. Banff vacations boast a handful of respected golf courses for the adult generation.

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Banff vacations: Canadian Rockies -- Canadian Rockies vacations The unspoiled scenery of the Canadian Rockies envelops the town of Banff and gives the town its fame for over 1,000 kilometers of hiking and biking trails. No matter what direction you take, the view is amazing. The northwest corner of the Banff National Park cradles Castleguard Caves, Canada’s longest cave system. Hike up the mountain to Skoki Lodge and you will find a Banff secret. This area is the gateway to explore the multiple mountain ridges, alpine lakes and adjoining valleys near Banff.

Canadian Rockies train: luxury train vacations along the rugged terrain of the Western provinces.

Banff vacations Lake Luise

Lake Louise is a glacial lake known as ‘the diamond of Canada’ and attracts visitors in warmer months with kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing and lakeside horseback riding. Wintertime brings frozen shores to Lake Louise, but her charm doesn’t falter. As the waters harden the opportunities to explore can grow. You can create great romantic Banff getaways memories by ice skating hand-in-hand on the lake or trying ice fishing. Colder temperatures on your Banff vacations bring some of the best powder skiing in North America and world-class ski runs. Miles of trails in the Banff National Park become a network of ski touring trails. The rugged terrain of the park and the surrounding ski slopes are particularly suited for telemarking or “free heel” skiing.

Once off the slopes, your Banff vacations can include snowmobiling and dog sledding, or get the upper hand on winter cold by going ice climbing. There are risks associated with climbing a natural structure, but the weather is reliable and the experience is worth the wait.

Banff vacations and Art

The town of Banff has a blooming art industry that is celebrated from May to August with live music, performance art and exhibits in the Banff Summer Arts Festival. After the hiking and artistic beauty you may need a touch of relaxation on your romantic Banff getaways. There are plenty of spas and hot springs in the area to help wash away the outside world and bring you back to focusing on each other and the splendor of the Rockies. Travel between these in-town locations is made easier by the locally run bus service.

Banff vacations and UNESCO

History fans on vacation in Canada will also enjoy this area of the Rockies. Banff National Park has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Some of the archaeological sites in Banff include cabins, artifacts and evidence of campsites. Several museums in the area pay particular attention to this region with the history of skiing in Banff National Park, a natural museum of the park’s native species and a museum on the art, culture and history of the rugged Rockies area. The Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum honors the First Nations people of North America and the relationship before and after there was contact with European culture.

The special quality that comes from living near or on a mountain is celebrated in the annual Banff Mountain Film Festival. Movies from around the world are celebrated here if they involve the mountains, adventure, skiing, alpinism, environmentalism or extreme sports.

The best Banff vacations will inspire you to participate with wonder in the natural world. More Canada holidays…

Distance from Banff to Whistler vacations: 792 km / 492 miles -- about a 10 hours 27 mins drive. And you get to drive or stop in Kamloops on the way. Distance from Banff to Vancouver vacation: 850 km / 528 miles / 10 hours 25 mins

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