Romantic Bahamas vacations

Azure sky, blue sparkling waters, pina coladas, romantic sunsets and pristine white beaches with palm trees

Bahamas vacations offer couples everything from 24/7 excitement to total laidback bliss, depending on whether they opt for developed Nassau, Freeport, Paradise, and Grand Bahama Island or one of the low-key Out Islands.


The Bahamas, just off the coast of Florida, are a great destination for romantic travelers thanks to unbeatable waters, great resorts, and very easy access from the US. Frequent flights from the United States to the nearby Bahamas vacations in the Caribbean and a wide range of resorts lure many romantic couples to this island nation every year.

Bahamas vacations are great for honeymoons and romantic getaways - The pristine white sand beaches stretch for miles along the shore with clear sapphire and emerald colored water.


Looking for something special to do on your Bahamas honeymoon? Here are romantic things to do for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

There are many Bahamas vacations and honeymoon packages which are typically all-inclusive and include a hotel room, airfare, and active tours.


And sometimes a honeymoon in paradise just isn’t enough - Find out about combining your Bahamas honeymoon with a destination wedding in the Bahamas.

Technically, the Bahamas Island chain is too far north to be considered part of the Caribbean Sea. But, except for a few days when the islands are cooled in winter, it's hard to tell the difference. Newcomers to The Islands of The Bahamas quickly realize that they have stumbled upon not one, but many destinations.

The Islands Of The Bahamas is a 100,000-sq-mile archipelago that extends over 500 miles of the clearest water in the world. The Bahamas consist of two thousand cays and seven hundred islands that form an archipelago stretching almost five hundred miles from Great Inagua in the south to Walker's Cay in the north.

You'll have your pick of atmosphere in these islands, from the glitz of Paradise Island to the secluded Out Islands.


Bahamas vacations: The capital city, Nassau/ Paradise Island offers a distinct blend of international glamour and tropical ease - Nassau / Paradise Island Bahamas romantic getaways


Grand Bahama Island (chosen as a best Caribbean Destination by TripAdvisor in the 2008 Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards).With its impressive combination of ecological wonders and manmade attractions, Grand Bahama vacations offer something for everyone.

Grand Bahama Island is home to the resort areas of Freeport and Lucaya, the Port Lucaya Marketplace, hotels, resorts and inns, golf courses, marinas, and a collection of eclectic restaurants. Golf, tennis, water sports and duty-free shopping are popular and plentiful.

For privacy and a real island atmosphere, select one of the Out Islands like Eleuthera, Exuma, tiny Harbour Island (where motorized transportation means a golf cart), or San Salvador.


These hidden of a Bahamas vacations gems are small remote villages with a simple way of life. Here you’ll find some of the world’s most stunning beaches, dive sites, and fishing sites – a welcome surprise if you’re looking for that perfect mix of relaxation quiet, simple and barefoot adventure. Out Island exploration is especially popular with ecotourists in search of unspoiled island atmosphere and romantic couples looking for dreamy and idyllic surroundings.

Bahamas vacations:The Exumas

Among the newest of the upscale romantic resorts in the Bahamas, Four Seasons Resort Great Exuma at Emerald Bay is one one of the small islands in the chain.

Surrounded by Exuma's crystal-clear waters, you can play "castaway for a day" thanks to the resort's honeymoon package. You'll be transported to a secluded beach with a beach umbrella, lounge chairs, picnic lunch and a staffer will be on call to bring you back.

Bahamas vacations:The Abacos

Abaco National Park is a true escapists' dream for those who don't mind rustic accommodations. The hiking is fantastic - there are few spots as dramatic and serene as the headland at Hole-in-the-Wall - a highlight of this forested park and a last refuge for the Bahama parrot.

Visit Abaco's Loyalist Villages on Elbow, Man O' War, and Green Turtle. Splendidly preserved, colorful clapboard houses have been pickled in aspic, and the Loyalists' descendants have managed to retain some of their old ways, adding a living-museum quality.

Bahamas vacations - romantic places to stay

Green Turtle Club on Abaco is a great place to stay on Bahamas vacations

Green Turtle Cay, the Abacos; tel. 242/365-4271;

Set on tiny Green Turtle Cay, a Bahamas “Out island” that measures just one mile wide by three miles long, Green Turtle Club is an exemplar of the quieter, British-accented Caribbean. Romantic couples appreciate the Green Turtle Club for its winning combination of yachting atmosphere and well-manicured comfort. It's small (31 rooms) and civilized in an understated way. The charming, clapboard-covered village of New Plymouth is nearby, accessible by motor launch or, even better, a 45-minute walk across windswept scrublands.

The Bluff House Beach Hotel
Green Turtle Cay, the Abacos; tel. 800/745-4911 or 242/365-4247;

Named for its location atop a 24m (79-ft.) cliff towering over a pink-sand beach. Its 4.8 hectares (12 acres) front the Sea of Abaco on one side and the harbor of White Sound on the other. The accommodations are very private, with a rustic, seafaring decor that has its own elegance. In addition to rooms, the hotel offers beach and hillside villas, and colonial suites with private balconies that overlook the water.

Treasure Cay Hotel Resort and Marina

This 1,500-acre beach resort is "one of the ten best beaches in the world," according to National Geographic. And if you find golf romantic, Treasure Cay resort has an 18-hole, 6985 yard championship golf course designed by Dick Wilson.

Abaco Inn
Elbow Cay, tel. 800/468-8799 or 242/366-0133;

Provides barefoot elegance and romance in the sands. This sophisticated little hideaway is one of the gems of the Abacos. Luxury villa suites with sunrise and sunset views are the way to go. You and your loved one should seek out a hammock in the gardens.

Acklins/Crooked Island

Andros is a rough-edged, wild island, covered with vast swathes of palm savannahs, eerie forests of mahogany, pine and palmettos and huge mangrove wetlands.


The primeval forest is so imposing that islanders swear they're inhabited by red-eyed elves called chickcharneys. Andros is not geared for tourism but still attracts divers, birdwatchers and beachbums.

Andros, the largest and least explored of the Bahamian islands, is bounded on one side by the Great Bahama Bank, an underwater plateau that is about as shallow as the island is high. A 140-mile-long coral reef lies a few hundred yards to 2 miles off the east shore (surpassed in length only by Australia's Great Barrier Reef and the reef off the coast of Belize and Honduras). Beyond it, the plateau drops off to a very dark 6000ft (1.8km) in the Tongue of the Ocean canyon.

Bahamas vacations - romantic places to stay

Tiamo is a unique Caribbean vacation getaway, an alternative to traditional beach resorts and mega hotels. Eleven charming, private beach side bungalows, each with a view of the most incredible turquoise blue water of the South Bight of South Andros Island, are surrounded by 125 acres of natural paradise. A pristine white sand beach, the calm gin-clear water and miles of nature trails are your playground for kayaking, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, exploring or just relaxing.

Kamalame Cay
Staniard Creek, Andros; tel. 242/368-6281;

Is one of the most exclusive resorts in the Out Islands, a perfect honeymoon retreat for the couple wanting to escape casinos and resorts. With its 5km (3 miles) of white-sand beaches in both directions, this pocket of posh specializes in luxury and comfort.

The Berry Islands

Visitors will have the Berry Islands practically to themselves.

Bahamas vacations:Bimini

Scuba divers flock to Bimini Road - named for the strange underwater formations resembling paving blocks of a giant aqua-highway - off Paradise Point at the north end of Bimini Bay. The enormous limestone blocks are clearly visible in shallow water, resembling the massive hand-hewn building blocks of the Incas.

The 'road' stretches for 1000 feet and is the subject of many mystical interpretations. No one knows the source of the formations. Tales of strange happenings lured Jacques Cousteau here to film and investigate the formation. Countless other research teams have followed. Explorer Richard Wingate acclaimed the shoal as part of 'The Lost Outpost of Atlantis', and the concept has become fixed in local lore.

Those who believe in strange sources for the Bimini Road were exhilarated in 1977 by the discovery of a series of 500-foot-long sand mounds in the mangrove swamps in the eastern part of Bimini. From the air, the mounds appear to be shaped like a shark, a square, a cat, and a sea horse.

Cat Island

Eleuthera/Harbour Island

Bahamas vacations:Harbour Island

Shady lanes, colorful clapboard houses and pretty pink sand beaches; Harbour Island is known as the "Nantucket of the Caribbean". Its pink sand beaches stretch nearly the length of the island and are protected from rough surfs by the third longest barrier reef in the world. One of the oldest settlements in the Bahamas, Harbour Island is a five minute taxi ride from North Eleuthera.

Bahamas vacations - romantic restaurants
The Landing

Bay Street, Dunmore Town - Harbour Island, Bahamas - - 242-333-2707

Occupying the ground floor of an elegant, seven-room, India Hicks-designed guesthouse, this dining room with its red-painted walls, softly glowing candlelight, and charmingly uneven wood floors (they date, like the rest of the inn, to 1800), is the place to have dinner on Harbour Island. Australian chef Ken Gomes’s menus change often, but emphasize fresh local ingredients and co-owner Toby Tyler’s 800-bottle wine cellar is the finest in the islands.

Bahamas vacations - romantic places to stay

Pink Sands

Harbour Island, Eleuthera; tel. 800/407-4776 or 242/333-2030; www.pinksandsresort.comAllows for a spectacular getaway at an elite, 11-hectare (27-acre) beachfront estate owned by Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records. Its location on a 5km (3-mile) stretch of private pink sand, sheltered by a barrier reef, is just one of its assets. You can ask for a bedroom that evokes an upscale bordello in Shanghai to put you in a romantic mood, and you can also enjoy the best meals on the island.

Coral Sands Hotel

CHAPEL STREET - Harbour Island, Bahamas, 242-333-2030

The Coral Sands Hotel is situated beachfront on Harbour Island, approximately a mile from the island of Eleuthera.

Bahamas vacations:Inagua

Inagua is considered the " wild west" of the Bahamas great for eco-tourism. The terrain here is wild and desolate, with a desert-like climate.

Inagua National Park is home to one of the Western Hemisphere's largest flock of flamingos and a secluded and romantic spot for a walk and relax by the saline ponds which attract many water birds - such as spoonbills, herons, Bahamian parrot and hummingbirds can be seen in the park as well. The landscape features karstic caves that are home to various species of tropical bats, and turtles roam the shores of the various lakes throughout the park.

Bahamas vacations:Long Island

Long Island is the most scenic in The Bahamas. Atlantic rollers crash against the cliffs on the windward coast while shallow bays indent the western shore. At the northern tip of the island is Cape Santa Maria, where the western shore is one long white-sand beach shelving into turquoise waters.

And the best part is that Long Island is virtually untapped by tourism. Snorkelling is especially good at the reef gardens on the cape's southern end. The island's main base is Stella Maris, the setting for acclaimed scuba diving and sport fishing.

The town is essentially an upscale residential community on the northeastern coast, though there are good beaches and tidepools to boot. There's a spectacular beach at McKann's Bay on the western coast, where tall dunes back a wide crescent of sand indented with bird-filled lagoons.

In the centre of the island is the commercial hub of Salt Pond. Aside from the beautiful St Joseph's Anglican Church, there are few sights here, but you can hike trails through tall dunes overlooking the waters on both sides of the islands. 24km (15mi) south of Salt Pond is Deadman's Cay, the site of old plantation ruins.

Bahamas vacations - romantic places to stay

Stella Maris Resort Club
Long Island, the Southern Bahamas; tel. 800/426-0466, 242/338-2051, or 954/359-8238;

Right on the Atlantic, built on the grounds of an old plantation, and has become a Long Island social hub. Sailing is important here, as are diving and getting away from it all. Many of the guests hail from Germany, lending the place a European flair. The sleepy island itself is one of The Bahamas' most beautiful, and honeymooners fit into the grand scheme of things perfectly.


Rum Cay/San Salvador

Bahamas vacations: Climate and temperature in holiday destination


The climate of the Bahamas is subtropical to tropical, and is moderated significantly by the waters of the Gulf Stream, particularly in winter. Conversely, this often proves very dangerous in the summer and autumn, when hurricanes pass near or through the islands. Technically out of the Caribbean - these islands can sometimes get chilled by winter cold fronts.

The trade winds that blow almost continually throughout The Bahamas give the islands a warm agreeable climate which varies little year round. The most refreshing time is between September through May when the temperature averages 70-75ºF. The rest of the year is a bit warmer with temperatures between 80-85ºF.

Bahamas vacations: destination directions


The Bahamas is well served by plane from north America

The Bahamas has six international airports, but the bulk of flights land at the two major hubs: Nassau International Airport and Freeport International Airport.

Some flights also land at Marsh Harbour (Abacos), North Eleuthera and Governor's Harbour (Eleuthera), and George Town (Exumas). Private planes and charters fly throughout the islands. Even on the more remote Out Islands, a taxi usually shows up to meet incoming flights (if not, someone at the airport will radio for a taxi on your behalf). Bahamasair, the national airline, flies between Miami and Nassau and Freeport; West Palm Beach, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale and Nassau; and West Palm Beach and Marsh Harbour.

Bahamas vacations:Flights run regularly from Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Orlando

Its proximity to Florida means getting to Bahamas from Florida is relatively inexpensive - numerous flights are available from South Florida. Getting to Bahamas from Miami is easy -,American Eagle offers daily flights from Miami. Bahamasair, Continental Connection, and Spirit Airlines all offer daily flights from Fort Lauderdale.

Another frugal option to get to your Bahamas vacations is to take a Discovery cruise ship to the island. The Ship drops passengers off in the mornings and then return for them in the evenings.

There are regular flights from the East Coast gateways like New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston and Washington DC.

Delta Connection offers flights from Atlanta. USAirways offers daily flights from Charlotte, Philadelphia and New York.

Air Canada flies between Nassau and Toronto and Montreal.

British Airways flies directly between London and Nassau or Freeport.

American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic connect the UK and The Bahamas via Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

From within the Caribbean, Air Jamaica flies four times weekly between Nassau and Montego Bay.

Cuba holidays are a one-hour flight away from Nassau. Several tour companies offer single to multi-day excursions to this fascinating and friendly island of sensual charms. Cubana has flights between Havana and Nassau.

The Bahamas is by far the most popular port-of-call in the Caribbean for cruise ships; they anchor at Nassau and Freeport. The sheltered waters of the 1200km (750mi) archipelago attract scores of yachties each year. There are ports of entry on every island.

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