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5 Romantic Beach Getaways


I love hanging out on the beach – I wish every Australian vacation would start out with a mandatory 2 day beach getaway. There is just something so romantic about hanging out on the sand together.

Is it the hot sun on your exposed skin? The aroma of the sun tan lotion (or sun block in most cases)? The sound of the waves crashing against the shore? The fine grained hot sand between your toes? The cold mohitos made for sipping on your sun longer as you stare of at the serenity of the ocean scenery? Or is it the knowledge that you have no other place to be and your favorite person is right there with you?


I love it all ! All of it just sparks love and all of it can definitely be experienced on a gorgeous Australia beach!

Australia is a great destination for beach loving couples. Australia is definitely a beach lover's paradise, there are many romantic Australia beaches to choose from on your Australian vacation. The continent boasts miles and miles of spectacular beaches that are uninterrupted and totally beautiful.

Australia beaches make a perfect destination for a beach wedding or even a honeymoon for people who love hopping from one beach to another. Australia is filled with romantic beaches, but not all beaches are created equal -- there are some that stand out in different areas of the country.

5 Romantic Beach Getaways in Australia

Australian Vacation on Romantic Beaches in Sydney

Sydney has some of Australia's most beautiful and breathtaking beaches. The beaches there are also the most famous, perhaps because Sydney is one of the most visited cities in Australia. When going to a Sydney beach, you can find secret harbor beaches, beaches with a lot of tanning space and even those that offer the perfect surf for the more adventurous couples.

The most famous in Australia is Bondi Beach, and it is the primary beach destination for both locals and tourists. It is just minutes outside of Sydney and is always filled with surfers, bathers and sun tanners who are just looking for the perfect beach experience. Apart from the beach itself, there are many restaurants nearby where couples can go and hang out after spending a day at the beach.

Check out Romantic Getaways in Sydney for more details about Bondi Beach, Australia

Australian Vacation on Romantic Beaches in Melbourne

Melbourne is also a famous beach destination in Australia. Brighton Beach in particular is one of the most popular because it has really nice clean sand that makes relaxing on the beach coast a wonderful experience. Once there you will also enjoy the swimming experience because the water is just the right temperature and the waves are mild. Don’t miss the wonderful views of the city skyline from Brighton Beach.

Melbourne is also home to Ninety Mile Beach which is at Lakes Entrance east of Melbourne. It is one of Australia’s biggest beach destinations for boating and sailing.

Fishing – which I don’t particularly care for, until the catch is picturesquely presented on my plate with a side of vegetables – is also a popular activity at this beach.

Australian Vacation on Romantic Beaches in Perth

Perth is also a well-visited romantic Australian destination for beach loving couples. In fact, most visitors to Perth go there for the sand and surf because this is one of the more laid-back Australian beach destinations.

Visit Cottesloe, which happens to be one of Perth’s most popular and wonderful beaches.
Australian Vacation on Romantic Queensland Beaches

Just off the coast of Queensland is Fraser Island, which is one of the largest sand islands in the world. This romantic beach destination is completely encircled by beautiful white sandy beaches with very little else that makes up this island. There are several sand dunes across the island and a collection of ancient trees that I’m convinced are there to complete the ambience of this perfectly beautiful and secluded island.

Romantic Australian Vacation at Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is a region of Australia that is just south of Sydney. Hyams Beach is located there and is purported to have the whitest sand on the face of the earth.

Apart from swimming and surfing, there are several other activities that you can do depending on the beaches in Australia that you visit. Some offer water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling, while others offer the opportunity to get massages or go parasailing along the coast.

Whichever beach in you decide to go on your Australian vacation to with will definitely provide a romantic experience for you and your partner. Whether you are the more adventurous couple who prefer water sports, or the more serene and peace loving couple who just want to sit back and enjoy the natural scenery, Australia beaches definitely have it all.

Enjoy your Australia beach vacation -- you are guaranteed to have a marvelous time when you visit!

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