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Adelaide Australia – Unique Honeymoon or Romantic Vacation with a Difference!


Adelaide is not your everyday Australia romantic getaways, but it is certainly a practical location for couples who want to be able to explore the destination at their own pace. Adelaide is one of the most popular of Australia city's and the capital of South Australia.

The beauty of an Adelaide vacation is that it provides just a little bit of what everybody is interested in and is not just focused on the beach loving vacationers. You will definitely enjoy a varied experience in on a romantic Australian vacation in Adelaide.

Romantic Accommodation & Adelaide City Hotels

In terms of accommodation in Adelaide your options will vary depending on your budget. Because it is a city, you often find that most of the accommodation consists of luxury hotels. As such, you can choose from the following for popular choices for couples:

• Hilton Adelaide
• Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury
• Rendezvous Allegra
• Stamford Plaza Adelaide

Romantic Things to do in Adelaide Australia

One of the first things that couples often do on their Adelaide Australia romantic getaways is the Haigh’s Chocolate Factory tour. australia-romantic-getaways

Haigh’s was established in 1915 and is the manufacturer of some of the best chocolates in Australia.

The factory itself is located just about five minutes away from the central business district and you will be able to get a free tour of the factory and also free samples of chocolate. That is one of the things that you can do in Adelaide that you will not be able to do anywhere else in Australia.

You can spend a couple days of your Australia romantic getaways walking throughout the Adelaide and taking photographs of some of its stunning architecture. While you are at it, you can stop by arts events and visit museums & galleries to learn a little bit more about Australian history.

Adelaide & Australia Wine

The city of Adelaide is located among the wine regions of Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale. As such, you will enjoy visiting the wineries and sampling differing types of wine produced by each one you visit.

For more of the nature loving type of activity, you and your partner can enjoy swimming in the sandy beaches or even whale watching on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

At night, there are also many activities that you can do on your Adelaide, Australia romantic getaways. There are wonderful restaurants and cafes in Adelaide as there are clubs and night-time spots for enjoyment. The Adelaide Casino is a popular location for visitors who are looking for some night-time entertainment.

If you happen to visit Australia in February, it would be great to go to Adelaide because of the annual carnival that takes place in that month. You would be able to experience a lively parade along King William Street, as musicians and artists display their talents and creations. There is also a celebration of Italian food and lifestyle as part of that carnival.

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