Unique Australia Honeymoon

Romantic Vacation Spots and Diverse Vacation Possibilities


Want Long Lasting Memories? Plan an Australia Honeymoon! Australia is the perfect destination for a unique honeymoon. Australia is one of the few countries that have such a wide range of romantic vacation spots and diverse vacation possibilities. You can find it all on your honeymoon in Australia!

If you want to get married in a wonderful location and with very little hassle, then you should also definitely consider Australia. That continent is definitely not short on beautiful wedding locations, and you and your partner will have many memories to share with your family when you return home.

Australia is equally perfect for unique honeymoons as it is for weddings because there is a wide range of locations that are uniquely beautiful. From great beaches to breathtaking coral reefs and nearby tropical islands, you can find it all in Australia and its environs.

Romantic Things to do in Australia on your Honeymoon

An Australia honeymoon is the perfect getaway for couples who enjoy :

• Outdoor activities with each other
• Exploring wildlife and natural wonders -- Outback Australia for Two
• Relaxing in a honeymoon suite of a five star hotel
• Visiting parks, exotic islands and picturesque hillsides
• Climbing hiking and glacier exploration
• Taking a romantic Australia Cruise
• Exploring Australian landscapes, cultures and attractions
• City trips and exploring small towns and charming villages
• Beach vacations - 5 Romantic Beach Destinations in Australia
• Brilliant ski resorts
If you fit this profile then a honeymoon in Australia is just what you and your loved one should be planning!


Romantic Honeymoon Hotels and Resorts
You can choose from the fabulous hotels that are suitable for honeymooning couples.

Three of the best honeymoon hotels are listed below:

• Riverview Rise Retreats – this is more of a retreat for couples and is about an hour away from Adelaide. It is the perfect location for newlyweds!

• The The Westin Melbourne – this hotel is located in the heart of Melbourne and provides many theatres, designer boutiques, galleries for newlyweds on a sightseeing honeymoon.

• The The Sebel Mandurah – this property offers self-contained apartments that are perfect for a honeymooning couple.

An Australia Honeymoon on the East Coast


The east coast of Australia is perhaps the best part to visit if you are on a honeymoon for a limited period of time. Most of the country's activities take place on the east coast and most Australians live on that side of the country too.

A romantic beach honeymoon vacation is a big part of the Australia honeymoon. Romantic things to do as a couple and activities that you can get involved in include:

• Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, which happens to be the largest coral reef in the world

• Snorkeling off the coast with gentle whale sharks is sure to get your adrenaline flowing

• For the adventurous there is bungee jumping, rafting or hot air ballooning

Romantic Australia Hotels & Accomodation

Depending on which part of Australia you end up visiting on your honeymoon, you can find ideal and suitable accommodation that is tailored just for people in love. Your options will include luxury resorts, five star hotels, bed and breakfasts and even farm houses.

Take a look at some top of the line accommodation facilities available in some popular Australian destinations:

• Romantic Hotels in Sydney – Park Hyatt Sydney, Sydney, the ANA, Sheraton On The Park, Sydney, Accor Asia Pacific

• Romantic Hotels in Port Douglas – Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort, Port Douglas, Mercure Port Douglas Treetops Resort, Port Douglas,

• Romantic Hotels in North Queensland – Silky Oaks Lodge & Spa, Kingfisher Bay Resort Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort And Spa, Gold Coast,

• Romantic Hotels in Tasmania – Freycinet Lodge Cradle Mountain Lodge

• Romantic Hotels in Cape York – Pajinka Wilderness Resort

You will definitely feel like you are experiencing multiple countries all in one place and that is the kind of experience that will give you endless memories that you can share with your kids and grandkids for years to come!

Australia – the Perfect Wedding Destination!

Australia is definitely one of the most popular and ideal wedding destinations in the world! Every year, thousands of couples and their guests trek to the other side of the globe just to enjoy the Australian wedding experience. And from what you will read below, you will definitely see why it is the destination of choice. With its vast options for wedding locations as well as opportunities to get married in traditional Australian fashion, you and your spouse to can definitely have a memorable wedding.

Perfect Locations for Weddings in Australia

Bondi Beach is a popular seafront location for weddings in Australia. Some couples choose to elope in unconventional locations like the Sydney Opera House, Ayers Rock or along the Gold Coast in Queensland. Many choose to do cliff top weddings in Australia because there are many locations that are beautiful and breathtaking to serve as the backdrop for such a memorable ceremony.

In particular, the following locations are the most popular for people getting married in Australia:

• Sydney
• Gold Coast
• Cairns
• Port Douglas

Flexible Rules for Getting Married in Australia

Speaking of wedding ceremonies, it is very easy to get married in Australia even if you are not native to that continent. The rules are very liberal so you do not have to worry about getting married in a traditional church, its very easy to have a civil wedding there because all you would need is two witnesses as well at a wedding celebrant.

When to go on an Australian Honeymoonaustralia-ski-resorts

The kind of memories your assemble and the things you’ll do will vary according to the time of year you go on your honeymoon in Australia.

Winter in Australia
Skiing - Australia is known for having some of the world's best ski resorts.

6 Romantic Ski Resorts for Ski Loving Couples: For the perfect romantic ski vacation choose from any of the following six Australia ski resorts. The resorts themselves are designed to suit the needs of romantic couples while also offering some of the best ski terrain in the world.Spring and Summer or Fall in Australia

During the warmer months, you will definitely be able to enjoy the natural scenery of waterfalls, rivers and beaches. There is of course also a wide range of animals native to Australia that you can send some time learning about.

Want more things to do in Australia and more destinations for a romantic Australia vacation? Everything from Australia's vibrant cities, Outback, Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania, romantic beaches, coastal vacations, cruises, ski resorts, dining venues and romantic accommodation.


Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in the US, Europe and around the world. There are dozens of honeymoon vacations for every country, activity or style you can imagine. There are many honeymoon vacation packages to suit your budget and a hundred superb honeymoon hotels and resorts that cater to newlyweds.


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