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Have you considered a romantic Australia cruise for your next vacation together? Many couples who are planning a vacation opt to go on cruises because they provide the perfect opportunity to explore many regions simultaneously. Most couples who go on cruises are extremely satisfied at the end of their experience, and you will be able to see why by reading further on.


In terms of regions of the world to choose for cruises, the South Pacific region, and specifically Australia, is one of the best areas. Australia is a very vast continent with cultures that are just as vast and diverse. Therefore, a South Pacific cruise could introduce you to various cuisines, cultures and history all in one continent. Take a look at a few cruises around Australia that are available:

Coral Princess Kimberley Cruise – this Australia cruise runs from Broome to Darwin and provides wonderful views of waterfalls, plains and gorges that provide the breathtaking experience that nature loving couples will enjoy. This is definitely one of the more top end cruises, but although you spend more money than normal on this cruise, you are definitely seeing the returns from the amenities on the cruise ship as well as the kind of exposure you get to the areas your ship passes by and stops.

Oceanic Discoverer Kimberly Cruise – this Australia cruise actually runs from Darwin to Broome and gives guests a taste of history of this side of the continent. The amenities and activities that are available on the cruise ship are virtually incomparable.

Coral Princess across the Top of Australia – this Australia cruise allows you to enjoy the best of the top end of Australia, including areas like the Cape York Peninsula, the Great Barrier Reef, Coburg Peninsula and Arnhem Land. This is definitely the kind of cruise that allows visitors to learn about the culture and history of the remarkable top coast of Australia.

In most cases, a romantic cruise offers great value for money. The final price you pay generally covers your accommodation, dining, entertainment and even things like tours in some of the places you visit. Imagine comparing a cruise that takes you to multiple destinations with a “land” vacation that requires you fly from one point to the other in order to see the different destinations. The price difference will definitely be evident.

There are also many activities available for couples who go on cruises together. Apart from ship activities like water sports, live shows and dancing, there are also land tours you can do at every port that the ship stops at. These include educational tours, sightseeing tours as well as eco-tours for the environment lovers.

Choosing to go on an cruise in Australia also means that you and your partner will be able to experience a world of cuisine that ordinarily you would not have been able to. Each place your ship stops at will allow you to be introduced to cuisines of that particular area, and this goes across well for couples who like to experience new cuisines and flavors.

You might not have another opportunity to visit that side of the world so you may as well make the most of your time there by going on a cruise that will expose you to more than a land vacation would.

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The sea air, the sun, exotic lands and ports of call all combined with the delights of seeing the world with new eyes. Is there a better way to relax than a long leisurely cruise? Check out some Romantic Cruise Ship Vacations for two. You'll be on your way to the honeymoon or romantic getaway of your dreams.

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