Aruba Caribbean Beaches

Aruba Caribbean Beaches are among the most renowned beaches in the Caribbean. The southern, leeward coast is lined with beautiful, sparkling white sand and is commonly known as the Turquoise Coast for the colorful tint of the water. There are many secluded sections of private beach or more popular strips by the hotels.


Aruba Caribbean Beaches: Arashi Beach: Calm surf and a mostly sandy bottom and no motorized watersports make Arashi Beach one of the best safe snorkeling and swimming sites. This beach is a bit more secluded and less commercialized than the other popular beaches - there are no facilities so you have to rough it a bit. The water is really clear, not murky like Palm beach. You can snorkle right off to the side. The fish actually swim right over to you.

Aruba Caribbean Beaches: Malmok Beach - private and secluded beach away from the crowds. Known for ideal snorkeling and scuba diving, the water at this beach is so clear that even snorkelers can make out the 400-foot SS Antilla shipwreck from the surface. Located in front of several small hotels, Manchebo Beach is Aruba's largest beach and one of the island's only topless beaches. A wide stretch of white sand leads down to the choppy ocean and the area is peaceful and tranquil. The water of Manchebo Beach is too rough for water sports, but that just means fewer crowds and less noise.

Aruba Caribbean Beaches: Eagle Beach – wide expanse of pristine white sand that stretches along Aruba's coast for miles and often called "1 of the 10 best beaches in the world". Eagle Beach is away from the beaten path but close enough for comfort. There are also secluded areas along Eagle Beach.

aruba-vacation-flamingo Renaissance Island

- A private island accessible by ferry only if you stay at the Renaissance Resort and Casino. The island is divided into 2 beaches: Iguana Beach and Flamingo Beach. The Iguanas are fed on the dockside by Iguana Beach while the Flamingoes congregate on the other beach.

Aruba Caribbean Beaches: Palm Beach White sand and excellent swimming conditions in calm water. Located in the center of Aruba's tourism industry, Palm Beach is a long stretch of sandy white beach sprinkled with palapas and palms for shade. Several high-rise hotels are found near this beach, as well as two piers.

South of San Nicolas, on Aruba's eastern tip, lies Rodger's Beach. This divine and inviting beach is a soft white strip that leads into shallow aqua waters, which are protected by a colorful coral reef. Sea grape and palapas are scattered on the beach to provide shade, and bright fishing boats populate the waters off the coast. Smoke from a nearby oil refinery can be seen from the beach and while this may take a little getting used to. Snorkeling along the coral reef is a popular past time at Rodger's Beach, but for a little more excitement, there is also live entertainment.

Aruba Caribbean Beaches: Hadikurari Beach also known as the Fisherman's Huts is a pretty stretch of white sand with some pebbles and shells near the shore in a secluded setting. The water here is very shallow and great for swimming and shade huts are placed along the beach to provide shelter from the sun.

Aruba Caribbean Beaches: Baby Beach - a natural wading pool that is popular destination for with families with small children. Located on the Southern Tip of the island it is no more than five feet deep at any point and offers some of the best snorkeling on the island.

This beach is positioned on Aruba's southeastern coast, 0.9 miles from Colorado Point Lighthouse. Baby Beach is close to Seroe Colarado, so you can explore the town as part of your day at the beach. The Underground Passage Tunnel of Love is located 4.3 miles to the northwest of Baby Beach.

Aruba Caribbean Beaches vacation Travel Tips: Because Palm Beach is located in the center of the action on Aruba, it can get crowded. It's busier and noisy. However, note that the less crowded areas are to the north, toward the Marriott, and south, near the Divi Phoenix.

The Marriott is constructing a timeshare near their hotel - beware of the noise, and some say the wind down near the Phoenix is powerful.

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