Romantic Arizona Vacation

An Arizona vacation might surprise you with diversity and depth that goes beyond the Grand Canyon’s iconic chasm. Arizona is divided into five separate regions and a wide variety of landscapes that are more than just desert. Mountains, spires, and dunes become the fantastic backdrop for an experience in golf, spas and a touch of the American west. This was the last frontier to be conquered and the wildness of the land still appeals to many people.


Romantic Things to do on Your vacation to Arizona
Arizona’s natural entertainment comes from the Grand Canyon National Park, the Colorado River, Lake Mead and many other recreation parks. In the great outdoors you can experience skiing, rafting, horseback riding and the usual hunting and fishing. If you really want to get in touch with the land you can always try rock climbing or cave exploration. For those less inclined to reach out and touch, try a driving tour of the Painted Desert and into the Petrified Forest National Park. The Painted Desert has rocks and formations in a myriad of colors.

Arizona Vacation
The 277 mile long Grand Canyon dominates the list of Arizona destinations and you will agree that pictures do not do it justice. Carved by the Colorado River, this American treasure is home to its own visitor’s railroad, campgrounds and visitor’s center.

Tours can be taken by bus, foot and donkey at various places throughout the canyon, but reservations are often required in advance for these tours. For a less hectic experience of the Grand Canyon make time to visit the North Rim, but only in the winter months before the snow closes it for winter.

After the Grand Canyon has taken your breath away, don’t forget to breathe out and then take in the influences of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, museums of history and modern art, a thriving Latino influence and a world class music scene.

All this travel makes anyone hungry, and Arizona is a great place to find amazing cuisine. Native American foods mix with traditional Mexican fare and are tossed with bits of American and South Western dishes to bring a unique taste to the table. This is an excellent chance to taste bison or bar-b-que. The vineyards of Arizona may be a surprise, but they are definitely a touch of class among the rough western sights.

The Western United States captures the essence of living out your dream on your terms, and if you are driving on your visit it might be worthwhile to visit a well-maintained and nostalgic piece of Route 66 in Northern Arizona. Car fans and history buffs particularly enjoy this surprising trip down memory lane.Head South from Route 66 to the artist galleries of Sedona and the ghost towns of Central Arizona. Once you have enjoyed the spooky and spectacular you can head to the nearest spa. Spas bring a slower pace of life and amid the stunning scenery you will relax and take in the beauty.

A great vacation gives you perspective on everyday life and in Arizona you can get that unique point of view from a hot air balloon ride. No matter the activity, remember to bring your best canteen and a fresh bottle of sunscreen since your Arizona vacation may not always be shaded.

An Arizona vacation would be incomplete without at least a little touch of Native American history or shopping for authentic crafts. Hopi, Pueblo and Navajo ruins are a great stop on your Arizona vacation to learn more about the stunning reality of life in the desert. Each tribe has unique artistry, culture and insight that invite you to experience the land through their eyes. Some Native American reservations allow visitors and encourage trade, but the rules are different in each nation. The Indian casinos help support the nations and are a great attraction for many on their Arizona vacation.

Canyons, parks, cities and scenic drives will not fit inside a box and your Arizona vacation definitely makes a mark in your memory for years and years to come.

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