Romantic Alaska Vacation

If you and your partner share a love of vast unspoiled wilderness, magnificent vistas and a sense of adventure. - then an Alaska vacation is an ultimate romantic destination.


Whether it be shopping for native Alaskan crafts, riding in a dog sled, or catch a glimpse of northern lights Alaska will satisfy even the most selective travelers needs for unique and romantic experiences. No matter how you plan to spend your time in Alaska you will surely be astounded by the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Planning an Alaska Vacation:

Because of the vast distances between regions, as well as a varying range of climatic conditions, trips to Alaska will require considerably more planning than other North American trips.

• Here we compiled top ten unique Alaska honeymoon ideas, of course also suitable for planning an extraordinary, exotic and romantic Alaskan vacation for couples.

Romantic Alaska Vacation: temperature in holiday destination and when to go:

Alaska is in a northern climate -- winters are long but fun -- summers are intense. Temperature are unpredictable and may range from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to - 80 Fahrenheit. Temperature varies dramatically across the state depending on the region. In the most general of terms Southeast Alaska (Juneau) experiences moderate winter temperatures with fewer sunny days.


Southcentral (Anchorage) enjoys more snow than the Southeast and fewer cloudy days. The interior of the state can experience extreme cold for weeks at a time during the winter but people stay because of the countless clear days and nights throughout the year. Overall temperatures are warmer in the state as a result of climate change.


Summer Alaska vacation will expose you to endless sunlight. Many people take their Alaska vacation during June to September with the sole purpose of enjoying the skies that stay light throughout the night.

Although June is sometimes considered one of the best months for trips to Alaska, there are some drawbacks if you plan to hike the Denali National Park. Snow may still be lingering, which might make the trails rather muddy. Also, due to the popularity of the season, summer Alaska vacations may be a bit more expensive than travel to Alaska in other seasons. In general, prices are cheaper in May. If you are seeking serenity and solitude, you many want to avoid July and August, which are the most popular months for Alaska vacations.

Winter Alaska vacation is the best time to see the aurora borealis and also a great season for a variety of snow sports. In fact, winter trips to Alaska may well be considered trips to paradise. Alaska offers superb downhill, cross-country, and backcountry skiing; snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog mushing and ice skating.


Alaska vacation: Towns

Some Alaskan towns are small fishing villages catering to tourism; others are native villages rarely seeing a strange face; a few exist only to serve visitors and literally close at the end of the tourist season; and many are the small rugged frontier towns they have always existed in Alaska and are truly a joy to visit.

Here are some Alaska vacation highlights:

Anchorage - Home Base for Most Alaska Visitors is an ideal base camp for exploring pristine wilderness by day while enjoying urban conveniences by night.

Denali National Park, Alaska - The "crown jewel" of Alaska. Six million acres of lakes, tundra, peaks and home to some 100 wolves, 2000 moose, 2100 caribou, 2000 dall sheep, or 300 grizzly bears and McKinley - North Americas tallest peak.

Talkeetna - Quintessential Alaska pioneer town halfway to Denali. Ideal combo of outdoor recreation and small-town relaxation, plus stunning McKinley views. The friendly artistic atmosphere make for enjoyable visits and memories. It can get crowded during the summer so book ahead.

The Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge is a favorite for weddings. It is 100 miles north of Anchorage, along the Parks Hwy, within sight of Mt. Denali -- it is the jumping off point for the mountain climbers and you may fly from there around the top of Denali's peak, or land on the glacier beneath the peak. There are about 3 large rivers that converge nearby. There are many homesteaders with cabins out in the woods, completely off the grid, who come into town for the staples. Autumn should be beautiful in that area.

McCarthy - Kennicott - Off the beaten path and worth the trip: a boisterous pioneer town, a ghost town frozen in time, and America’s largest national park.


Haines - This small southeast Alaska town (population: 2,500) serves up one of the state’s most Alaskan experiences - hanging glaciers and other dramatic wilderness, and tons of marine wildlife. Best known for two very unique features: huge flocks of bald eagles—in the fall there are more here than anywhere in the world—and one of the planet’s longest fjords.

Juneau, Alaska - The state capitol and the largest city in Southeast Alaska, Juneau is a favorite stop for cruise visitors. The town offers glaciers, whale watching, eagles, bears, and fantastic views, when the sun comes out. Frequently a jumping off point for Glacier Bay, Admiralty Island, and other wilderness adventures.

Girdwood - Winter ski town about 30 minutes south of Anchorage and base camp for exploring Prince William Sound and the Kenai Peninsula. Enjoy the mountains, fine dining, and deluxe accommodations in this idyllic valley. In the summer it is a hiking and biking mecca. Paragliding becomes a dominant sport during the summer months.

Fairbanks, Alaska - The largest city in the interior of Alaska, Fairbanks is both a jump off and destination travel location. The city has museums, gold mining tours, river boat cruises, and day trips around town. Many people use Fairbanks as a jump off point for their trips to the arctic and Brooks Range in Northern Alaska.

Homer & Kachemak Bay -Postcard-beautiful setting on Kachemak Bay, rich with marine life.

Travel to your Alaska vacation:

Flying into Anchorage is how many visitors arrive. Over a dozen airlines land at the Ted Stevens International Airport with over 130 flights daily. From Anchorage, you can book a flight to anywhere in Alaska. Alaska Airlines provides the most intrastate routes to travelers. Several carriers specialize in flying to different parts of remote Alaska.


A few flights arrive in Anchorage from Japan, Korea, or Germany, but the vast majority of international travelers arrive in the U.S. in another major city in the contiguous states and then take a domestic flight to Anchorage. It's also possible to fly into Fairbanks or Southeast Alaska. Most passengers come into Anchorage through Seattle, but for a bit more you can fly nonstop to Anchorage from various major cities. There are far more choices in summer than in winter.

Alaska vacation: Destination directions

Driving from any of the other states to Alaska vacation is a great adventure, but it requires thousands of miles on the road and plenty of time. Allow at least a week each way. By car, Anchorage is 2,250 miles from Seattle and 3,400 miles from Los Angeles.

Alaska is the 49th and largest state in the United States of America - The Alaska OCS Region encompasses 600 million acres and more than 6,000 miles of coastline. That’s more coastline than in the entire continental United States. Alaska is the largest state with over 656,400 square miles. It is approximately 2000 miles from east to west. If placed on top of the mainland it would stretch from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Your final decision on when to go to Alaska is dependent upon the Alaska attractions you wish to see, and the activities you enjoy.


Driving to Anchorage from the Lower 48 is possible via the Alaskan Highway with two routes, (the Western Access from Seattle, WA to Dawson Creek, BC; and the Eastern Access from Great Falls, MT to Dawson Creek, BC), and the Cassiar Highway (to get to the Cassier Highway, take Yellowhead Highway 16 from either Prince Rupert, BC or From Prince George, BC).

From Dawson Creek, BC, the Alaskan Highway continues north to Fort Nelson, then turns west to Watson Lake, Teslin and Whitehorse, YK. From Whitehorse, the Alcan turns northwest to the border with the U.S. where you’ll cross into Alaska at Port Alcan. From there the road continues northwest to Tok. At Tok, take Highway 1 (the Glen Highway) south to Anchorage.

NOTE: If you drive, keep an eye on the gas gauge, when it reaches the half tank point, start looking for a gas station and fill up. Sometimes it can be a while between stations.

Most cities and villages in the state are accessible only by sea or air. The Alaska Marine Highway System also serves the cities of Southeast and the Alaska Peninsula. Cities not served by road or sea can only be reached by air, accounting for Alaska's extremely well-developed Bush air services—an Alaskan novelty.


Alaska Marine Highway System - Alaska's Marine Highway consists of over 8000 miles of coastal ocean routes connecting 31 port communities throughout Southeast, Southcentral and Southwest Alaska. Two additional ports are located outside of Alaska - one in British Columbia and the other in the state of Washington. It forms an essential method of transportation for many local residents in towns to which there is no road access.

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