Romantic Alaska Honeymoon

Secluded romantic cabins, warm fire places, spectacular sunsets and 10 romantic ideas for a unique Alaska honeymoon

alaska-honeymoonAn Alaska honeymoon is the choice of both adventurous and romantic couples. Alaska is one of the major luxury honeymoon destinations - check out our Alaska vacation Report on the best time to go, romantic cruises, most interesting Alaskan towns, romantic places to stay and travel information.

Cruises are a very popular option you might be wondering what other ways are there to discover Alaska - here we compiled top ten unique romantic Ideas for your Alaska honeymoon which are also suitable for a romantic couple vacation.

Top ten romantic Alaska Honeymoon Ideas

  1. Dog Sledding on your Alaska honeymoon

    alaska-honeymoon If you want to enjoy pristine wilderness up close but you don’t want to rough it too much and have the most unique alaska honeymoon adventure then an organized dog sledding tour is great alternative. Enjoy , the thrill of majestic mountain scenery, abundant wildlife and few people. There is an abundance of companies with options ranging from short, one-fourth-mile trips to 12-day mushing expeditions. You can ride along, or learn to mush and drive your own team into some of Alaska's most beautiful and remote locations with lodge and deluxe safari style accommodations on a small group wilderness adventure.

    These are some of the companies offering winter Alaska dog sledding tours:

    Alaska Best Wilderness, Fairbanks: Offering 12-day winter expeditions.

    Alaska Dog Sledding, Nome: has specialized in small group wilderness Alaska adventure travel and dog mushing trips.

  2. Experience Northern lights on your Alaska honeymoon

    Aurora Borealis are "collision light" and stricking manifestation of the sun-earth connection - the dancing fluorescent ribbons that light up the night sky, enthralling even "sourdoughs" (old-timers) in Alaska.


    Early Eskimos and Indians believed different legends about the Northern Lights, such as they were the souls of animals dancing in the sky or the souls of fallen enemies trying to rise again.

    Alaska is by far the best place in the USA to see northern lights. Summer tourists won't have much chance of seeing the famous Aurora Borealis.

    Fall, winter and spring are the prime seasons for viewing the northern lights, and the best displays tend to be accompanied by sub-zero temperatures and moonless skies.

    The "Northern Lights", at their most dazzling from December to March when nights are longest and the sky darkest, can usually be seen even as far south as Juneau. The best hours are often near midnight. The rarest aurora is the red aurora, like the one of February 11, 1958, which is still talked about today.


    The Fairbanks area is probably the best place in teh world for aurora viewing. Fairbanks is located right under the Aurora Oval of maximum aurora activity and its generally clear skies make for good Aurora viewing conditions. In Fairbanks, a winter stay of 4+ nights gives over 90% chance of viewing the Aurora, while a 3 night stay offers about an 80% chance. Cleary Summit is an area right outside of town popular for aurora viewing. Chena Hot Springs Resort is another popular location near Fairbanks for aurora viewing.

    Chena Hot Springs Resort has a Best of Aurora Winter Package that includes 3 Day 2 Night accommodation, passes for soaking in an outdoor hot springs, dog sled ride, northern lights viewing tour,massages, dining ...

    The community of Talkeetna in Southcentral Alaska offers good Aurora viewing opportunities. There are several lodges in Talkeetna offering comfortable stays and good Aurora viewing. There is a magnificent view of Mount McKinley from Talkeetna.

  3. Alaska Railroad

    Take a train ride through the wilderness to Mount McKinley, America's highest spot or check out the Gold Star passenger service for a honeymoon treat.

    The luxury dome cars are amazing, you are sitting in an aquarium type train with incredible panoramic views - the car is higher up and has a glass dome top. The route the train travels is very scenic, and the train travels at a nice pace that allows good photo opportunities. The GoldStar Dome car has its own private dining car right downstairs from your seat. The dining car still has large windows to give you great views while you dine.


    You can watch the drama unfurl in the comfort of forward-facing seats, classic recliners, or sneak peaks of the breathtaking wilderness from one of the many outdoor viewing areas. One of the most romantic views is when crossing the bridge at Hurricane Gulch - an amazing view exclusive to the train and you are able to take pictures from the GoldStar’s private outdoor viewing deck. Or just imagine ridding it at night being able to watch the stars right above your head.

    As a GoldStar guest, you will bask in the luxury of a first-class multi-level luxury coach, replete with exquisite decor and a private open air viewing deck, the only one of its kind. They have a number of Adventure Scenic Rail Packages.

  4. Cruise to Alaska! Click Here

  5. Glaciers - Visiting glaciers is one the highlights of a romantic Alaska honeymoon.

    Since the glaciers are one of the most unique aspects of Alaska's geophysical environment you should plan on taking one of the many types of Alaska glacier tours. Watch them from the water, sky or walk on them some couples even get married on them! It seams that beautiful blue colour of the glaciers can be very inspiring.


    Tidewater glaciers, hundreds of feet high and miles long, flow to the sea and are found at the head of fjords or inlets which they carved while retreating. One of the most dramatic events is when pieces of a glacier break off and fall into the sea - the creaking sounds, and the roar as pieces fall into the sea are as impressive as the visual scene. The resulting icebergs can create enormous waves and can continue bobbing up and down for a full day or more until they float out into open waters or beach themselves along the Alaskan shoreline.

    For romantic Glacier & Wildlife Cruises and Sea Kayaking Trips try the tidewater glaciers of Prince William Sound and the Kenai Fjords which extend down from mountain peaks and out into the sea.

    From the air you will gain a perspective you can't experience from the ground. You'll see how massive icefields, dozens of miles long, spill into valleys to create glaciers.


    These expansive sheets of ice leave only the highest mountain peaks and ridges peeking through. The Harding Icefield near Seward is a classic example, and is one of the few icefields easily accessible by foot (a five-hour hike from Exit Glacier, rising from sea-level to 3,500ft). Also best seen from a plane are piedmont glaciers, where several glaciers join at the foot of a mountain range to create a fan-like pattern of ice and rock. These beautiful formations are best spotted in Southeast Alaska.

  6. Alaska honeymoon: Top of the World Highway - Yukon Highway 9

    The trip starts out by ferry across the mighty Yukon river. Yukoners call it the 60 mile. To Alaskans it is the Taylor Highway, but to everyone who has driven this beautiful road, it is known as the "Top of the World Highway." Allow plenty of time for travel as the road is winding and narrow in many places. The road is maintained only during late spring to early fall corresponding to operation of the ferry service at Dawson City. Border crossing is not allowed unless customs offices are open (9am to 9pm Pacific Time). Yukon Highway 9 continues from Dawson to the Alaska-Yukon border, where it becomes the Taylor Highway (Alaska Route 5).

  7. Explore Native culture on your Alaska honeymoon

    Native traditions are celebrated across Alaska. Visit Anchorage museums for an introduction to the area’s fascinating blend of Russian, Native and pioneer history. Many varied tours are offered around the state featuring native traditions and history such as totem poles, native handiwork and crafts, blanket toss, native dancing and music, and various festivals. There are museums and cultural centers throughout the area including those centered on Alaska's archaeological discoveries, the Alaskan Pipeline, the arts, and Alaskan Aviation. You can learn about and experience Alaska's gold rush days at many camps and tours.

  8. Wildlife watching on your Alaska honeymoon

    Beyond the well known whales, salmon there are many opportunities to see moose, lynx, wolves, caribou, fox, coyotes, Brown bears, puffin, sea lions, bald eagles, seals, otters, dall and harbor porpoises


    You may take a guided tour or head to a wildlife refuge to see these animals, or you might just come across them in the course of your planned activities. Sea life is also abundant around the coasts, especially in the many fjords around the Kenai Peninsula. These under-water valleys, carved by glaciers that are still "calving" are home to many species including sea otters, puffins, sea lions, kittiwakes, humpback and orca whales, harbor seals, oyster catchers and more. Bird watchers will find many beautiful species spend time in Alaska, but may be particularly interested in the migrating shore birds in Homer or the snow geese in the Kenai River Flats.

  9. Visit historic mining towns and tour abandoned gold mines

    Alaska has always attracted fortune-seekers and frontiersmen, as it did a century ago when thousands of prospectors stampeded north to Alaska in search of their fortunes. These adventurous pioneers left a trail of history in the form of abandoned mining towns, trails and larger-than-life legends.

    Today you can hike the famous Chilkoot trail, or visit the towns of Skagway or Dawson City and travel back in time. The Klondike was not the only gold strike luring furtune seekers north. Juneau,Nome,Fairbanks,Sitka and many other communities have remnants of a gold mining past.

    Now the largest ghost town in the world, Kennecott was once home to over 500 workers and their families. When the mine closed in 1938, everyone walked away, leaving behind a large-scale mining operation and dozens of supporting buildings and homes.

  10. Try Alaska sea kayaking and paddling in a quiet or challenging sea

    You can hike the Harding Ice Field which is a glacier 1/2 a mile deep and bigger than Rhode Island, you can take a river float trip, white water raft, take sea kayaks out around Kodiak, hike, hunt, ski, canoe, mountaineer, or even scuba dive.

  11. Tour the Kenai Fjords on you Alaska honeymoon

    Visit Seward a scenic seaside village is a gateway to emerald green fjords, rugged cliffs, bountiful wildlife See killer whales and humpbacks and Steller sea lions and finback whales and puffins and porpoises and otters and seals.


and of course there is always watching romantic sunsets and cuddling up during those quiet Alaskan evenings on you Alaska honeymoon.


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